When, Why and How to Use an Agile-Waterfall Hybrid Methodology

hybrid When, Why and How to Use an Agile-Waterfall Hybrid Methodology

Whether your aim is to combine Agile and Waterfall to make the best of both worlds, or if your teams have accidentally slipped back from “true” Agile to using some Waterfall processes, a comprehensive understanding of the situation at hand is necessary. Some companies would love to adopt Agile but want to implement it gradually rather than applying a rip-and-replace approach. Others are forced to stick to their legacy Waterfall methods because of stakeholders’ expectations to have comprehensive cost forecasting, project scheduling, risk assessment, and an ability to deliver on fixed expectations throughout the lifecycle.

Development teams facing such challenges often opt for using an Agile-Waterfall Hybrid methodology – a solution that aims to combine Agile’s flexibility with Waterfall’s structured planning and development phases. While a compromise compared to 100% Agile or Waterfall, the goal of this Hybrid methodology is to take advantage of both worlds while reducing some of the undesirable characteristics of both methods. Typically, the aim is to keep the dependency-tracking and clarity of Waterfall while embracing the strengths of Agile, namely flexibility and transparency along with the ability to adapt to fast-changing requirements.

There is no silver-bullet solution to applying the Hybrid methodology, so any approach will be inherently custom. codeBeamer ALM is a powerful yet flexible enough platform to support any Hybrid model, enabling you to align any and all processes with your business strategy. This e-book aims to give you some guidance in navigating the compromise between Waterfall and Agile, discussing topics such as:

  • What is Waterfall development? Why is it important, and what are its benefits?
  • How and why did Agile come about, and why is it becoming increasingly popular?
  • In general, how do Waterfall and Agile projects compare based on their success rates?
  • When, why and how to use an Agile-Waterfall Hybrid solution?
  • How to make the Hybrid approach work in practice?

Download this e-book to learn more about using the Agile-Waterfall Hybrid approach, and to see how codeBeamer can assist your team in implementing this framework effectively.

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