From MS Office to Requirements Management

February 11, 2015

In our webinar, we explain how opting for an advanced ALM solution can alleviate the limitations of using MS Office documents to manage requirements. Problems with collaboration, the enforcement of organizational processes, the lack of traceability and the limited re-use of requirements are all common issues associated with inadequate requirements management tools. This webinar recording shows you how codeBeamer handles requirements, ensures complete traceability, and lets you create baselines to facilitate versioning.

Through our live demonstration, you will have a chance to learn about codeBeamer’s powerful MS Office round-trip functionality, facilitating collaboration with teams using industry standard office documents. The demo also shows you how complete traceability can be ensured by interlinking artifacts from requirements all the way to release, how our Traceability Browser lets you browse dependencies, and how Kanban boards in codeBeamer can be used to manage and monitor the development work easily. The webinar closes with a Q&A session.

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Can Releases of your projects be decomposed into releases of subsystems/components [of the project], and then can we decompose requirements of the project into requirements for the subsystems/component and allocate these children requirements to releases of the subsystems/comonents ?


Dear Shai, 
You can easily add different releases of components to one specific project and can also divide your requirements by components/subsystems. Then, by using our release planner’s drag and drop functionality, you can allocate these requirements to all your predefined releases with ease.
Hope this answers your question!


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