Agile Requirements Management

February 05, 2015

Watch this webinar recording to learn how to capture user stories and manage requirements in an Agile environment. The webinar starts with a brief introduction to Agile (as well as the differences between Scrum and Kanban), and how Agile is used in developing software and, increasingly, other products. Then, we go through the basics of requirements management, and the benefits of using tools to manage requirements in your development projects.

The webinar continues with a live demonstration, showing you how codeBeamer supports collaborative requirements management through its advanced tracker system. The demo shows you how tracker items can be linked (for instance, user stories to requirements to test cases), providing complete traceability over the entire lifecycle. The webinar also gives you information about codeBeamer’s Traceability Browser, and the highly customizable Kanban board that helps you stay in control of your processes. The recording closes with a Q&A session.

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