Avoid redundant work, and optimize the efficiency of product portfolio development. codeBeamer ALM’s Variants Management functionality enables you to manage the development of multiple product variants conveniently.

Product variants enable you to target multiple segments of a fragmented market. Adapting to market granularity gives you a competitive advantage, and allows you to better serve the needs of multiple customer groups.

However, managing the development of several product types in a product line can be a challenge. Different product variants may have certain features in common, while certain components and features may vary by product type. To avoid redundant work, all variations should be strictly defined, and shared features should be reused in different product variants.

codeBeamer’s Variants Management functionality, fully integrated in the comprehensive ALM feature set, helps you keep track of multiple product variants, and enables you to manage the development of each product variant efficiently. It allows you to set up Master Specification Documents, property choices for each feature (such as ‘mandatory’, ‘optional’, ‘alternative’ and ‘or’), and assign features to product variants. Variants specification documents can also be generated and exported for each product variant, and the whole process may be managed collaboratively.

Variants Management

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Feature Model

Define a Feature Model containing all the features available in your product line. Add feature properties to determine if features are ‘mandatory’, ‘or’, ‘optional’, or ‘alternative’.

Master Specification Documents

Create Master Specification Documents to contain all components and artifacts such as requirements, test cases, risks, etc relevant to your entire product line (in other words, to all of your product variants). Define different types of requirements such as functional, non-functional, system, or software requirements.

Variants Specification Documents

Define variants by adding the adequate features to each product variant. Filter feature specifications, generate exportable variants specification documents, and start developing new products based on those specifications right away.

Manage Variants through their Development Lifecycles

Once you have your product variants defined, derive actionable lifecycle work items to trace and manage the development of all product variants, all within codeBeamer ALM. Ensure gapless traceability, from feature definition through variants specification, all the way through to the maintenance of the released product.

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