Test Labs Template to Increase Product and Code Quality

Test managers and testers often struggle to manage test cases that need to be used across multiple projects.

codeBeamer ALM’s Test Labs Template was created to support Test Managers and Testers in defining test cases from requirements, managing test case libraries, and re-using test cases across multiple projects.

The Test Labs Template in codeBeamer enables you to share and re-use test cases across all projects in order to save time when testing product variants, while test parametrization assists in increasing code quality, and supports developing software products in higher quality.

The main elements of our Test Labs Template are:

  • The Requirements Library contains previous and current project requirements for re-use in other projects
  • The Test Case Library contains all defined, evaluated and accepted test cases for re-use in other projects
  • Test Configurations/Parameters describe the technical environment of tests to execute
  • Releases and Bugs Tracker

This Test Labs Template is included in codeBeamer by default – to start your own Test Labs project, simply download the latest version of codeBeamer, and use the predefined Test Labs Template when creating a new project!

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