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Agile or Hybrid Methodology to Use for Building Autonomous Cars

What Agile or Hybrid Methodology to Use for Building Autonomous Cars

When planning an Agile software development project for a hardware product design, project design strategy can be greatly simplified by choosing a development environment that is designed for use with your industry standards (the first box to tick). It is

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ALM - Agile Software for Waterfall Project Management-Intland-Software

Why Use ALM – Agile Software for Waterfall Project Management?

In Waterfall Project Management, there is a top – down management style with an emphasis on upfront planning. The application lifecycle occurs in distinct phases in a specific order, with each phase completed before moving on to the next. In

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Are You Practicing Agile, Wagile, or an Agile-Waterfall Hybrid Approach?

In recent years, Agile has become a mainstream topic the basics of which even laymen interested in the world of software development can understand. Yet some Agile enthusiasts warn that even with the adoption of this modern software development framework

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Must-Have Metrics for Agile or Waterfall Software Development

Must-Have Metrics for Agile or Waterfall Software Development

Directors, CEO and Head of IT obviously want to have metrics that tells them how productive the team is. In case of software development, it is always a difficult task to estimate the costs and efforts of software development projects.

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Implementing Agile Processes Within a Waterfall Project

One of the unstated requirements of Agile Adoption is to have the leadership onboard, however this is often not possible initially. Many large enterprises still use Waterfall Methodology, despite the obvious advantages of using the Agile Methodology. You might call
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Agile-Waterfall Hybrid - Cure for Software Development

Agile-Waterfall Hybrid: Cure for Failing Software Development?

Can Agile Development, the method that enables teams of various disciplines to develop software simultaneously, and continuously revise all aspects of development, be harmful for your business? Can the Agile-Waterfall Hybrid method help you repair damage done by Agile? Agile,

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When-Why-How to use the Hybrid model

Plan with Waterfall, execute with Agile, and speed up the whole process. Hybrid model is mentioned as a marriage of Agile and Waterfall methods. At the first look it might seem that these two methods are fundamentally so different that

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Requirements Management Better with Agile-Waterfall

Agile-Waterfall Hybrid Requirements

Requirements Management solutions enable companies to define and elaborate requirements and manage them throughout the development lifecycle and testing phases. Requirements are usually „owned” by clients and are typically determined by the marketplace, an external force constantly changing along with

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Feedback: Agile Practices in the embedded industry

At Embedded World 2014 in Nuremberg we not only exhibited but collected useful feedback from people about their use of Agile practices. We asked the embedded industry to share their views about how Agile increases productivity and reduces time to

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How to implement the Agile-Waterfall Hybrid | V-model vs Waterfall

The Agile-Waterfall Hybrid model is most commonly associated with product development when product is constituted by hardware and software parts. In this case the hardware components are developed by the traditional Waterfall/V-Model approach, and software development teams are using Agile/Scrum.

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