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How ALM supports Collaborative Lifecycle Management (CLM)

Buying ALM Software – Does it provide Collaborative Lifecycle Management?

The idea of providing a collaborative working environment for all those personnel collaborating on application development projects is nothing new since the whole Agile Methodology, is based on collaborative working. Many of the Agile software solutions available are relatively straight

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version_control_svn_git_dvcs-codebeamer ALM software

Why Switch from SVN to GIT and DVCS?

…and why the compromise in functionality is no longer necessary. There is a lack of understandable information on the benefits of GIT and Distributed Version Control (DVCS) over Version Control with Apache Subversion (SVN). While there are always those happy

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The Needs that Version Control Systems Serve

Version control systems are divided into two groups: “centralized” and “distributed”. Centralized Version Control Systems (CVCSs) and Distributed Version Control Systems (DVCSs) serve different needs. Comparing Centralized Version Control Systems to Distributed Version Control Systems is like comparing hammers and

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