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Bidirectional Requirements Traceability: Why Is It Such A Big Deal?

Industry blogs and media outlets the world over have been discussing the topic of traceability extensively for ages. Still, we’re seeing continuous interest in ensuring traceability. And for good reason: there’s no silver bullet solution to this problem that’s becoming

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Traceability Browser: How To Efficiently Manage Dependencies Throughout the SDLC?

Managing dependencies in the application lifecycle is a difficult task. There may be numerous relationships between several types of artifacts in trackers, and in complex projects, hundreds or thousands of dependency relations may need to be managed. With bigger projects,

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Traceability and Dependencies

codeBeamer offers full traceability between different artifacts due to full integration through a single repository. Full traceability through the use of referring items and associations enables your team members to manage the relationships between artifacts across different projects and work

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Traceability Over the Entire Lifecycle

Traceability is the key to success in application development. But what does it mean to have traceability throughout the entire development lifecycle? The process starts with Requirements Definition, and ends with the Release, before being deployed. Application Lifecycle Management tools ensure

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