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ISO 29119 Testing Standard-codeBeamer-ALM-Intland-Software

ISO 29119 Testing Standard – Why the controversy?

The road to ISO 29119 was a long time in the making, and although far from perfect, the 5 standards that make up ISO 291119 do provide an important benchmark for testers to test themselves against, as well as for

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What Are the Software Testing Trends for 2016?

The overarching Software Testing Trend for 2016 will be that of QA and Testing Departments under great pressure. As Application Lifecycles shorten and as the number of releases increases, the emphasis must be placed on increasing capacity and quality. Testing

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How to Build a Testing Strategy and Environment

The question of how to build a testing environment is dependent upon the test plan and within this plan the test strategy.  This defines not only the testing approach and testing environment but also sets the role of software testers

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Agile Test Management + Agile Test Manager

Do you need a Agile Test Manager for Your Agile Test Management? The position of Test Manager in the traditional sense is redundant when working within an Agile Development team. In Scrum, the most popular Agile method there is no

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blog post 141411 increase test efficiency with parametrization

Increase Test Efficiency with Parametrization

In advanced Test Management solutions, parametrized testing supports the re-use of test cases and the importing or defining of test parameters for test runs with many different parameters. Parameters are attributes with different values that describe the live environment. Without

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