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Code Coverage Analysis

Quality Assurance Using Code Coverage Analysis

The world of software development is evolving at a breakneck speed. Agile development methods, IoT-connected products, faster computers and more advanced embedded technology are fundamentally transforming the way software is developed. However, one of the greatest changes that have shaped the

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codeBeamer ALM xUnit Importer

Watch this video to learn how codeBeamer ALM supports automated testing via its Jenkins integration. The video helps you configure codeBeamer’s xUnit importer in Jenkins, thus ensuring data consistency in your automated testing efforts.
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ISO 29119 Testing Standard-codeBeamer-ALM-Intland-Software

ISO 29119 Testing Standard – Why the controversy?

The road to ISO 29119 was a long time in the making, and although far from perfect, the 5 standards that make up ISO 291119 do provide an important benchmark for testers to test themselves against, as well as for

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Why QA + Testing is so Important?

When considering the various arguments for implementing adequate QA & Testing processes, none is more convincing than the associated costs of fixing bugs. The longer a bug goes undetected, the more costly it is to fix. A simple costs vs
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What Are the Software Testing Trends for 2016?

The overarching Software Testing Trend for 2016 will be that of QA and Testing Departments under great pressure. As Application Lifecycles shorten and as the number of releases increases, the emphasis must be placed on increasing capacity and quality. Testing

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Application programming interface – API testing-White Box Testing

Application programming interface – API Testing (White Box Testing)

An interconnected world dependent upon proprietary business networks is dependent upon the ability to share data, the principle mechanism for doing so is the application programming interface, otherwise known as the API.  Despite the clear importance of API testing, it

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Test Management with Test Requirements Libraries

Our webinar presents a ‘Best Practice of Test Case Management‘, and will look at how to handle multiple projects with re-use and test parameterization features. The webinar also demonstrates how requirements-based testing can be realized to increase the quality of the development

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