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How Dev Tools Make Good Development Teams Great

Software development is all about collaboration; you might think this is an obvious statement; however, you would be surprised at just how many developers we have come across that never heard about ALM software. First ALM software is a collaboration

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Agile Team Should Adopt Continuous Delivery

How an Agile Team Should Adopt Continuous Delivery

For developers considering adopting continuous integration or continuous delivery and are using a wide range of tools for development purposes, you have a golden opportunity to take the step that all growing developers eventually take, to leapfrog competitors to the

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Why DevOps is Essential for IoT and Innovation

Constant innovation is central to building a great product, sounds great doesn’t it? However, often for the operations teams, constant innovation is tiring, – a roadblock to doing their job effectively. It means more changes to communicate to the customer,

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Is Mob Programming just a fad?

Programming is typically a solitary business, requiring extreme concentration for long periods. Hence, programmers tend to enjoy their quiet, and generally prefer to work in smaller teams and so in many ways, the very idea of Mob Programming is counter

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Should You Adopt ALM for Safety-Critical Development?

What is the Difference between Agile ALM and DevOps Software?

The term DevOps is a relatively new concept, only taking off in 2013 so when comparing ALM software to that of new DevOps Software its important to not fall into the trap of thinking you are comparing old vs. new

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Implementing Six Sigma and CMMI within an Agile Framework

The reality of undertaking a business process improvement drive is a pix and mix approach to adoption of both improvement strategies and methodologies along with their associated processes, those necessary to achieve the desired outcome. In terms of Six Sigma

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Dark Side of DevOps -  Intland Software

What is the Dark Side of DevOps?

DevOps integrates development and operations teams to improve collaboration and productivity by automating all sorts of processes. There are situations where this may not be appropriate. Similar to any other domain or solution, one size does not fit all. DevOps

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Is the Criticism of Agile Development by Dark Agile Manifesto Fact or Fiction?

Is Continuous Delivery and DevOps Replacing Agile?

The question “Is continuous delivery replacing Agile?” is often discussed today. It is frankly an absurd question, with no evidence supporting that it is the case. More often than not the question is raised by Continuous Delivery vendor advocates (targeting

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Compliance in Medical Device Development-01

Leveraging Traceability In Medical Device Development

Innovation in the Medical Device Development industry is hampered by complex standards and regulations and once the medical device prototype is developed and tested, it then faces a long approval process.  Traceability is essential for ensuring compliance with medical device

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SAFe, Scaled Agile Framework 4.0

SAFe 4.0 – Lean Software and Systems Engineering

With the release of Scaled Agile Framework 4.0 (SAFe 4.0) a new 4th level is added to the freely available knowledge base. It is for a higher level of operation for larger organizations, providing a greater value stream for those businesses

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