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Why Switch from Scrum to Scrumban

Scrumban is for Scrum teams that need to respond to change more quickly but wish to stick with the fundamentals of the Scrum framework rather than ditching it entirely for Kanban (which is great for service related tasks) or another

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Are you ScrumBUT? No excuses!

ScrumBUT teams have one common attitude, namely that they seem to be engaged in using Scrum… BUT… they have various excuses as to why some elements of the method have not been implemented. This approach can be a really risky

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How to Scale Scrum Effectively

When looking for guides and strategies for Scaling Frameworks for Enterprise use, Scaling Scrum is by far the most commonly talked about with numerous Enterprise adoption case studies documenting the benefits. These case studies usually promote one or another of

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Kanban Board for Lean Processes

Using a Kanban board in task management helps to get insights into each task’s status along the defined workflow, providing your teams with a quick and visual overview of the daily work. Swim lanes, work-in-progress limits and other filters can

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