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Agile Requirements Management - Intland Software

What is Agile Requirements Management?

Historically, to software developers the idea of Requirements Management is considered as necessary administration, required documentation, a painful process, traditionally done at the beginning of any software development project and preferably completed as soon as possible and out of the

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7 Tips to be More Efficient in Requirements Management

7 Tips to be More Efficient in Requirements Management

In 2014 Intland Software executed a survey among its clients and partners to collect feedback regarding Maturity levels of Requirements Engineering. Based on an analysis of responses, Intland gives 7 tips for requirements engineers and managers on how to increase efficiency and solve

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Requirements Engineering - Intland Software

Maturity Levels of Requirements Engineering

Requirements Management and Requirements Engineering have a vital role in the development process. Requirements are the starting point of all projects, since they define what features should be in the product. The importance of Requirements Management and Requirements Engineering has

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Why Adopting Requirements Management Tool

Adopting Requirements Management Tool

Work Culture is essential when adopting a new Requirements Management tool. Every enterprise already has systems or mechanisms in place to manage documentation, this includes the creation, review, approval, storage and distribution of, and the subsequent modification of documentation. The

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Requirements Management Software Increases Efficiency

How Requirements Management Increases Efficiency and Revenue

Requirements Management is often described as a solution that helps software development teams to define and elaborate requirements; – with other words Requirements Management provides answers to the question “why” that every project starts with. The answers that Requirements Management provides

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Requirements Management in the medical industry - codeBeamer ALM software

Requirements Management is a key to success in the medical industry

Requirements Management is key to success in many industries, however it is even more so the case with the medical industry. This is due to the exponentially growing complexity of medical devices, with many of the medical devices produced today

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Benefits of Requirements Management - Intland Software

Benefits of Requirements Management

A Requirements Management solution is vital to translate and transform business needs into products. Before buying a Requirements Management tool you should analyze your working environment to determine your tool requirements, it is important to note and accept that to make

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Requirements Management Related Failures - Intland Software

Every Software Development Failure is Requirements Management Related

Regardless of errors made during Software Development, the final failure of an entire project is a Requirements Management failure. Failure is a either a final product that does not meet expectations (does not meet clients requirements – a failure of

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ROI elements of requirements management tools

Requirements Management tools can increase staff productivity, decrease operation costs which leads to better sales performance. Those are general statements but let’s look at the ROI elements of Requirements Management tools. How Can Requirements Management Tool Pay for Itself at
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