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Agile + ISO 26262

Agile + ISO 26262: Adopting Agile in Automotive Development

With dozens or even hundreds of suppliers, various industry regulations to adhere to, and an immense volume of software code, automotive development processes are perhaps among the most complex lifecycles that companies face. There could be over 100 million lines
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Requirements Engineering with MS Word Round Trip

codeBeamer’s MS Word Round Trip Export/Import feature facilitates exchanging requirements with your clients and makes it easy to follow up on changes. The function allows you to export requirements into MS Word using a corporate template, send it to clients

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Why Requirements Management Tools are Vital for Software Development?

What is the most frequent cause of failures in software development? It’s the lack of definition and change management of requirements. This is what causes most of the catastrophes experienced in software development. Most IT practitioners are aware of this, but achieving a

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