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Risk Management in Medical Device Development

Why Medical Device Development Requires ALM Software?

Since 2011, medical devices have become increasingly sophisticated, and as the level of sophistication has increased, so has the time needed by the FDA to assess complex 510(k) medical device submissions (the majority of which are class 2 devices). Most

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Wikispeed: Using Agile in Hardware Development & Manufacturing?

Using Agile in Hardware Development & Manufacturing?

The question of ALM-PLM integration has recently become one of the hottest topics among product developers, ALM and PLM tool vendors, and hardware engineering & software development experts worldwide. Understandably so: with the advent of IoT and software increasingly powering the

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Compliance in Medical Device Development-01

Leveraging Traceability In Medical Device Development

Innovation in the Medical Device Development industry is hampered by complex standards and regulations and once the medical device prototype is developed and tested, it then faces a long approval process.  Traceability is essential for ensuring compliance with medical device

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Why Is Business Process Management (BPM) Critical for IoT?

Business Process management (BPM) is a vital component of any device that has IoT connectivity. Its role in terms of the internet of things is to determine what is to be done with data received from other devices. With the

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ALM-PLM integration

Integrating ALM and PLM in Complex Product Development

Today’s complex products increasingly require the integration of hardware and software development processes, making ALM-PLM convergence one of the hot topics in the industry. Application and Product Lifecycle Management software platforms have been designed to support the development of software

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PLM+ALM: Millions of Product Recalls Without ALM?

We have seen that PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) and ALM (Application Lifecycle Management) solutions have grown apart from each other during recent years. Today’s products are more complex than ever. They often contain microchips, embedded systems and diverse mechanical components. Manufacturing

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Managing Complexity – Embedded Software Industry Has No Other Choice!

Nowadays, the real added value of engineered products is the embedded software. Software development complexity is a new experience in the engineered product world. Businesses that were quick to adapt have gained a clear advantage over competitors, however it is
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Medical Device ALM + PLM integration

Life expectancy is continually increasing and due to general wear and tear throughout life more people require implants. The demand for implants is greater than ever before and it drives the healthcare industry to find new solution to manufacture individual

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Software Revolution: Integrated Solutions for Smart Production

After steam engine and mechanization, the assembly line of Henry Ford and the revolution of the first computers, the 4th Industry Revolution called “cyber-physical systems” (CPS) is on the corner. CPS is about merging the physical world with the virtual

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PLM or ALM, who will grow faster

PLM or ALM, who will grow faster?

Embedded systems are one of the fastest growing technology areas in the world today. Cars, aircrafts, medical devices are equipped with software applications, providing more features for comfort and safety. A significant part of these applications are mission critical, especially

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