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What Separates the Best from the Rest: Agile Software Development Excellence

In an ideal world, the stakeholders would know what features they want in their product from day 1. Developers (Scrum Master) would know the cost of each feature in terms of time and effort and therefore be able to estimate

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Requirements Management Related Failures - Intland Software

Every Software Development Failure is Requirements Management Related

Regardless of errors made during Software Development, the final failure of an entire project is a Requirements Management failure. Failure is a either a final product that does not meet expectations (does not meet clients requirements – a failure of

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Kanban Techniques and Bubble Charts in Demand Management

Demand Management Systems are on the front end of Project Management or Project Portfolio Management. Therefore, they are usually the first automated, workflow based solution that goes into the business value chain. Demand Management Systems are focused on demand –

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Demand Management

Webinar Summary: Demand Management, Requirements Management, and DevOps

  Our latest webinar on handling Demand Management, Requirements Management, and DevOps with codeBeamer ALM software, addressed the core issue of Demand Management within the software development life cycle, from the initial concept to realization.We introduced participants to the importance

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Demand – Requirement – DevOps: From Idea to Implementation

Take a look at our latest webinar about “Demand – Requirement – DevOps: From Idea to Implementation” to learn about the different phrases of the Demand to Requirements process management. Companies often struggle to deal with “the Demand to Requirements
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REConf 2014

Join us at REConf 2014 between the 10-13th March in Munich where we will introduce you to the world of DevOps, Demand and Requirements Management. Our presentation is titled as “Demand – Requirement – DevOps: From Idea to Implementation” will

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Issues that Demand Management Solutions Solve

The new version of codeBeamer has extended features focusing on demand management. Before designing a support tool for demand management, it’s important to define the critical issues throughout the demand management lifecycle. Intland collected the following issues that usually need
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