Subscription & Support Terms and Agreements

To submit a bug or change request, please log in to codeBeamer and use the Service Desk. Don’t have access? Register an account.
Support telephone numbers: (EU) +49-711-2195-420 (US) +1-866-468-5210

Subscription provides free access to the latest software releases and patches, and lets you upgrade to all major and minor licensed product releases. We encourage you to upgrade to new releases to obtain the latest features and bug fixes. Support provides technical support for all licensed products of Intland Software to customers with a valid SOFTWARE LICENSE AGREEMENT.

For the fastest response time, please submit your issue using codeBeamer’s Service Desk. Issues submitted here are handled with a priority based on the severity rating you enter. Support Services are only available for our customers.

You will find a detailed description of our support packages, incident levels, support terms, and further relevant information below. Subscription & Support is mandatory for the first year of any codeBeamer license. In case you choose not to purchase a support plan after your first year, you will still be able to access our Knowledge Base and Product FAQs.

Access to technical supportKnowledge Base,
Customer Service Desk,
phone, live screen sharing
Knowledge Base,
Customer Service Desk,
phone, e-mail, live screen sharing
Number of users able to create technical support tickets24
Support languageEnglish / GermanEnglish / German
Support hours8x524x5 (critical)
Dedicated supportSupport EngineerSr. Support Engineer
Advice on installationYesYes
Upgrade Support-Yes
Remote upgrade-Yes
Remote assistance with Log analysis, Resource and Performance MonitoringLog analysisAll
API support-Yes
Free staging server-Yes
Annual on-site visit-Yes
Price20% of license pricePlease contact our sales team for a quote!

Premium Support

With 2 members of your team able to create an unlimited number of support tickets on our Customer Service Desk, Premium Support includes support by phone, e-mail or live screen sharing. Premium Support is available in both German and English, with a dedicated Support Engineer attending to your tickets 8 hours a day (9AM-5PM CET), 5 days a week (Mon-Fri). Subscription is included, meaning that you can always upgrade to the latest version of codeBeamer ALM, and a remote upgrade option is also available. Premium support is mandatory for the first year of your purchased codeBeamer licenses.

Premium+ Support

Premium+ Support includes a wide range of support services. This flexible support plan lets 4 members of your team submit an unlimited number of support tickets either using the Customer Service Desk or via e-mail, based on which your team may receive help via phone, e-mail, or live screen sharing over the web. Premium+ Support is provided in both English and German, and offers 24×5 (Mon-Fri) support for critical issues by our dedicated senior Support Engineers.

Our Premium+ Support service covers remote upgrades & assistance, API support, a free staging server, and an annual on-site visit to your team by our experienced Support Engineers.

Business Hours

Intland Software’s business hours are 9:00 AM to 17:00 PM CET (GMT +1), Monday through Friday, excluding German national holidays. For information on German public holidays, please click here.

Incident Levels

  • Critical: The production system is not available, substantially unavailable, or normal business operations are seriously disabled. The incident is preventing productive work on your production system, and it affects users performing a business-critical function. If Intland Software provides an acceptable workaround, the severity classification will drop to Medium or Low.
  • Major: The production system is available but the incident has a business-critical impact on your production system; a function or functions are not available or are not working properly, preventing productive work, and affecting people performing a business-critical function.
  • Medium: The incident has business impact on your production system, but does not prohibit the execution of productive work, or a reasonable workaround is available.
  • Low: The incident is not production-critical or it is detected on your non-production system. The incident has no impact on the production system performance, quality or functionality and no impact on productive work.

Initial Incident Response

Critical 8 business hours 4 business hours
Major 2 business days 1 business day
Medium 3 business days 2 business days
Low 5 business days 5 business days

Search the Knowledge Base

Use our search function to find codeBeamer documents & guides, as well as user community tips and tricks.

License and Support Agreement

Please contact support if you’re unsure whether your issue will receive appropriate support. If the issue is not covered by the support agreement, the team will be able to direct you to the appropriate person.

Software Subscription and Support period

When licenses are purchased with SOFTWARE SUBSCRIPTION AND SUPPORT (click to see the Agreement), Software Subscription and Support is available for a period of 12 months unless otherwise specified. Support is provided for the current version of the software and for any version of the software that has been released during the preceding 12-month period.

Support does not cover the following:

  • Customers without a valid codeBeamer software license, and a valid Support & Maintenance Agreement
  • Beta, release candidates, and end-of-life releases
  • Customized codeBeamer instances where the original source code was changed or extended
  • API programming-related issues, including:
    • API bugs where the bug cannot be reproduced. The complete environment to reproduce the bug is necessary for bug analysis and fixing
    • API change requests
  • Product education questions covered by Training & Services offered by Intland Software
  • Issues covered by Intland Software’s professional services, including:
    • Installation
    • Performance tuning
    • Infrastructural issues, SSO, LDAP/AD configuration, Apache & web server, database, 3rd party integrations

Bug fixing policy

Intland Support helps with workarounds or bug fixes to resolve specific product issues. In special cases Intland provides emergency security patches.

Fixes to critical bugs will be provided by Intland Software in the next maintenance release, with the conditions that:

  • The fix is technically feasible
  • The fix doesn’t impact the quality or integrity of codeBeamer

Intland Software assesses and prioritizes bugs, and schedules fixes for non-critical issues based on internal considerations. Factors considered in the analysis and prioritization of bugs include, but are not limited to:

  • How many customers are affected by the problem
  • Whether there is an effective workaround or patch to the issue
  • How difficult the issue is to fix
  • Whether new features on our roadmap make the bug obsolete
  • Internal factors within Intland’s judgement

Definition of critical issues: the production system is not available, substantially unavailable or normal business operations are seriously disabled. The issue is preventing productive work on your production system, and it affects people performing a business-critical function. If Intland Software provides an acceptable workaround, the severity classification will drop to Medium or Low.

Customization and product development

Intland Software provides various extensions, templates, and other customization options with documentation and examples to support the customization of codeBeamer.

In addition, Intland Professional Services provides help with questions regarding customization, add-ons, product development, and creating integrations with 3rd party tools.