Subversion Source Control Management and ALM Integration

logo-subversion Subversion Support - Version Control Subversion is the most widely used open source version control system. That is, Subversion manages files and directories, and the changes made to them, over time. In practice, developer teams use Subversion to track the evolution of their source code. But tracking file changes is, in fact, only one aspect of software project collaboration.

Intland provides solutions that enable making Subversion a tightly integrated tool in your complete Application Lifecycle Management environment, and makes source code itself a first class asset in your projects.

Subversion Users Benefit From Using

codeBeamer is the award-winning Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) platform that helps software development teams to manage their processes from requirements to release. It provides complete ALM functionaility on the top of Subversion.

codeBeamer Eclipse Studio is an Eclipse plugin to provide direct access to requirements, tasks and bugs within the Eclipse IDE. It tightly integrates your issues with your Subversion changes.

Intland Creates Added Value for Subversion Users By

  • Convenient administration: Create shared repositories and launch projects in seconds.
  • Efficient access control: Role-based repository access (read/write) configuration at project and directory level.
  • Browse repositories in your browser: Browse change sets, files, histories and diffs in the web.
  • Associate changes with issues, tasks and bugs: For traceability and process enforcement.
  • Email notifications on commits: Watch repositories and receive nicely formatted emails on each change.
  • Commit statistics with trends: Gain more insight into who does what and when.
  • Complete Application Lifecycle Management capabilities: Tightly integrated with Subversion.
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