logo-mercurial Mercurial Support - Version Control Do you use Mercurial at home and you love it? Ever considered using Mercurial at work, but you are missing enterprise-grade features such as security, approval and workflow?

Intland’s services and products enable Mercurial for enterprise usage. Managing Mercurial repositories in codeBeamer let’s you define access permissions on a role based level and customized approval workflows ensure high code quality. codeBeamer extends Mercurial with enterprise level security and scalability. Combined with Intland’s SLAs and Support agreements you can be sure to achieve your compliance level. Take advantage of Intland’s professional consulting service and training and migrate to Mercurial with no risk.

Intland provides solutions to integrate Mercurial tightly into your complete Application Lifecycle Management environment, no matter if you work with 1 or 100 repositories.

Enterprise-grade Mercurial management

  • ALM with Mercurial for full traceability
  • Web Mercurial repository administration inclusive clone, fork, permissions, auto-merge
  • Mercurial – Repository Browsing & Visualization
  • Mercurial – Integrator Workflows for simple and safety critical development processes
  • Mercurial support, training and consulting services

Mercurial Workflows for Distributed Teams

Mercurial Users Benefit From Using

codeBeamer is the award-winning Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) platform that helps software development teams to manage their processes from requirements to repo, code, commit and release. It provides complete ALM functionaility on the top of Git.

EGit for Mylyn is a custom fork of EGit. It integrates EGit, the Git plugin for Eclipse, with Mylyn, the task-focused framework. It was created to enable associating Git changes with Mylyn tasks, and tracking these associations.

codeBeamer Eclipse Studio is an Eclipse plugin to provide direct access to requirements, tasks and bugs within the Eclipse IDE. It tightly integrates your issues with your Git changes.

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Working Offline / Online. You are no longer locked to your task repository and network access. Even while off-line, you can continue working on the code, create and modify tasks, requirements, bugs, and you can synchronize with your trackers and version control repositories as soon as the network access is re-established.

Intland’s Mercurial version control system Creates Added Value for Mercurial Users By

  • Convenient administration – Create shared repositories and launch projects in seconds.
  • Efficient access control – Role-based repository access (read/write) configuration at project and directory level.
  • Browse repositories in your browser – Browse change sets, files, histories and diffs in the web.
  • Map software components to Git supermodules and submodules.
  • Associate changes with issues, tasks and bugs – For traceability and process enforcement.
  • Email notifications on commits – Watch repositories and receive nicely formatted emails on each change.
  • Commit statistics with trends – Gain more insight into who does what and when.
  • Complete Application Lifecycle Management capabilities – Tightly integrated with Git.
  • Online/Offline working – You can work online/offline.
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