Service Desk

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Enhance product quality by connecting your users and internal processes

Whether you’re working on software embedded in medical devices, or a fun mobile application, your ultimate goal is similar: you need to make sure that your product fits the requirements of its end users. That is the objective of the entire application lifecycle, from managing requirements all the way to testing and quality assurance measures.

Developing software, however, doesn’t end when the product is released. Operations teams continue to make sure the product works reliably, and work to handle issues (bugs, change or feature requests, etc) submitted by users. Moving product quality concerns and measures upstream in the development lifecycle helps achieve higher product quality. This process ultimately connects your customers with your organization, and your internal processes.

service-desk Service Desk

codeBeamer’s Service Desk feature set allows you to integrate your customers in your processes, connecting them with development & operations. This enhances customer experience, and helps create better products by ensuring that all customer-submitted issues are addressed. The Service Desk capabilities of codeBeamer ALM allow you to:

  • Simply create a custom, user-friendly interface where your customers can submit bugs, issues, change or feature requests, etc. You can also add a wiki to help your customers help themselves, and can fully configure this helpdesk to your specific needs.
  • Integrate user-reported issues in the application lifecycle. Your Service Agent can reply to incoming issues, or direct them to operations (support), development (if further work is needed on the product), or upper upper management (as an input for demand management activities). Traceability will be maintained across all work items throughout the process.
  • Our Service Desk feature set allows your users to monitor the status of their tickets. They will be notified once the issue has been processed and assigned to a sprint or release, and will be able to stay up to date on how their issue is progressing.
  • Create automatically triggered actions based on user-submitted issues to make sure your Service Agent is notified & all the issues are addressed as quickly as possible.
  • Manage SLAs (Service Level Agreements) through custom rules and notifications. Highly configurable Kanban boards further support the escalation management process.

codeBeamer’s Service Desk functionality has been designed to enhance collaboration and communication with customers and outside partners by connecting these parties with your internal processes. It is a comprehensive feature set that enables you to quickly and efficiently process and address all issues reported by your users, while continuously updating them about the status of their issues for enhanced user experience.

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  • Easily customizable, user-friendly interface
  • Real-time collaboration between users and development
  • Connecting users and processes
  • Fully customizable issue dashboard
  • Convenient access management
  • Easy management and convenient overview of customer-submitted issues
  • Reduced issue response time, enhanced user satisfaction
  • Complete traceability from issue to solution
  • Efficient SLA management