Release Management – Agile Release Planning

release-management-1 Release Management Release Management is about maintaining and tracking different versions of project deliverables, along with their planned and actual release schedule and the requirements, task, bugs,and changes to be resolved in each different release.

Release Management  is not only applicable to software development, but also to any type of project in which some “milestones” need to be reached. For instance, in a construction project, the customer can track the construction tasks that need to be completed in the construction milestones like “Groundwork”, “Walls” or “Roof Construction”.

By automating the software release management process, the customer can control necessary changes, keep on track with software integrity, reduce costs and risk and simplify software audits.

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Release Management helps the customer with:

  • Planning releases with managing project milestones.
  • Keeping track of the the open/completed artifacts for its release, together with the spent/estimated time.
  • Associating requirements, bugs, and tasks with releases linking them to releases in which they were detected, in which they need to be fixed or to which they are related.
  • Managing release plan/progress.
  • Automating release notes, reducing the manual effort.
  • Achieving traceability and auditability through Baselining releases and project documentation.

Release Management Feature List

  • Product Release
  • Project Release
  • Multi Project Release
  • Resource Statistics
  • Release Burn Down Chart
  • Release, Requirement, QA & Test integration