ALM – Application Lifecycle Management

The organically integrated ALM, designed to simplify lifecycles and deliver business value!

If you want to manage complexity, avoid tools that add complexity. codeBeamer is powerful yet easy to use and maintain. The platform covers all phases of a comprehensive Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) including Demand Management, Requirements Management, Development, QA & Test and DevOps. Unlike other platforms, it is built on a single repository, with all modules organically integrated, which is a prerequisite to really leveraging widespread business value.

Download the brochure:

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Manage even the most complex project portfolio. Increase productivity, drive innovation, and save costs with a platform that is proven, easy to use, and highly customizable. What’s more, codeBeamer supports all methodologies including Agile, Waterfall, V-Model as well as hybrid models.

Due to its integrated and holistic approach, codeBeamer’s outstanding features are applied end-to-end across all modules. Maintain control even in a highly dynamic project environment. Successfully pass audits and impress stakeholders with comprehensive reporting.

Managers can easily track project portfolio via the Project Browser, including executive summary.

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  • Single repository
  • End-to-end capabilities including traceability, baselining, workflow, wiki, and referencing
  • Easy to install, upgrade, and maintain
  • Low training cost and learning curve even for occasional users
  • Scales from small teams to thousands of users (e.g. using inheritance of templates)
  • Capable of managing hundreds of projects
  • Mature modules
  • Strong workflow-based Kanban board
  • Proven in very large installations
  • Easily extendable to complete the lifecycle
  • Outstanding MS Office integration (Import/Export, LiveEdit, In-place Editing, Round-Trip)
  • Enterprise-ready in all aspects (platform support, integration, security, manageability, etc.)

[vc_testimonial author=”Dr. Rita Hahn-Petschick” company=”Group Leader, IT CC – Analysis Solutions, Continental”]codeBeamer is an easy to use and cost effective enterprise class collaborative software development platform that supports the needs of a distributed team. It is a system that is easy to maintain, and its cross-projects reporting capabilities provide us the kind of visibility we need to manage our project effectively.[/vc_testimonial]