Software Development

screenshot-software-dev-336x165 Software Development codeBeamer’s Software Development functionality enables teams to work collaboratively on the development of complex software products.

codeBeamer ALM’s software development capabilities are integrated with its Application Lifecycle Management feature set, and rely on a single central repository. Therefore, establishing relationships between all work items throughout the lifecycle and thus ensuring end-to-end traceability is simplified. Software development and hardware engineering can be simply connected, facilitating the multi-lifecycle development of complex IoT-enabled products.

Due to its flexible architecture, codeBeamer aptly supports Agile, Waterfall and Agile-Waterfall Hybrid development processes. Integrations are provided with major version control systems Git, SVN, Mercurial and CVS.

Intland Software also offers a dedicated SAFe® template to support the structured scaling of Agile in large organizations via the Scaled Agile Framework. Our industry-specific templates allow you to maintain control over all processes in order to ensure compliance with relevant industry regulations and standards.

Requirements, User stories, Tasks

Capture, define and manage user stories, requirements and tasks in a collaborative manner. Establish links between all artifacts for complete traceability. Use a WYSIWYG editor with attachments & comments, ReqIF documents, or our MS Office round-trip export/import functionality to collaborate with internal and external stakeholders. After reimporting a document, you will be notified of all changes, and will be able to reject or approve them individually.

Version Control & Change Management

Manage changes with codeBeamer's ability to provide a complete change history on all your work items. Ensure data consistency throughout the lifecycle. Use codeBeamer's out of the box integration with any of the supported version control systems: Git, Subversion, Mercurial or CVS. Save baselines (lightweight snapshots of all your artifacts) that allow you to "travel back in time" by browsing previous versions any time. Set up and manage repositories, commits, and merge codes. Define integrator workflows and link requirements to source code commits.

Release Planner, Agile Planning Board

Plan and monitor the progress of your milestones, releases and sprints using codeBeamer's Planning Board. Manage and monitor resources & work execution using filterable artifacts, custom statistics, and burndown charts. Manage the work of multiple teams in different release streams or Agile Release Trains.

Dashboards & Monitoring

Customize dashboards to access up-to-date information on the status of your development processes. See release activity updates all in one place, and track the status of incidents and change requests.

Security & Advanced Workflows

Align your teams & team members with preconfigured processes. Define and enforce advanced workflows with optional e-signatures. Maintain access and process control, and automate various steps of the lifecycle to facilitate compliance with industry regulations and standards.

Safety, Risk Management

Ensure product safety and reliability with codeBeamer ALM. Manage risks using specific risk trackers and a preconfigured Failure Mode and Effects Analysis Template. Display all your risks in configurable Risk Matrix Diagrams, and export reports of all your hazards & mitigation efforts.


Integrate codeBeamer ALM easily into your existing tool ecosystem. Ensure collaboration with internal & external shareholders via our MS Office (Word and Excel) round-trip export/import functionality. Connect customers to internal development processes using our Service Desk feature set. Take advantage of codeBeamer's REST API, ReqIF, DOORS, JIRA, MS Project, and Enterprise Architect integrations.

Features Overview

For a detailed overview of all the features that codeBeamer ALM offers, head over to our Features page.

If you’d like to know more about codeBeamer’s features regarding software development, please fill in the following form to download an informational brochure about codeBeamer’s Software Development capabilities.

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codeBeamer is an excellent, enterprise class collaborative software development platform. The Intland professional services team provided excellent guidance in making our computer telephony integration (CTI) business requirement a success.
Patrick Deutschle, Head of IT - Allianz
codeBeamer has proven to be an Enterprise-level ALM solution. Intland’s customer support is very responsive and quick to entertain any suggestions RT Logic may have for improvement and enhancement. RT Logic made an excellent choice when partnering with Intland. Also regarding RT Logic‘s yearly ISO audits for continued certification, codeBeamer reveals a convincing performance. Each of the auditors had very positive comments about the company‘s Project Portals and were especially impressed that each person with whom they spoke was able to find the requested information on the Portal and demonstrate its age and persistence.
James Sullivan, Development Engineer - RT Logic