Smart Templates

A Smart Template in codeBeamer ALM works very much like a smartphone app. Smart Templates use codeBeamer’s resources such as workflows, roles, trackers, forms, documents, wikis and integrations to help you achieve specific goals.

codeBeamer projects can be exported as Smart Templates with pre-built workflows, pre-configured trackers, roles, forms, documents, and wikis. This allows you to download and import Smart Templates quickly, and start running a new codeBeamer instance within minutes. You can further customize the templates for re-use with your team. You will not need any programming or scripting experience to use Smart Templates. REST API is also available, allowing you to extend the templates to handle more complex applications.

We currently offer the following Smart Templates for codeBeamer ALM:

Intland’s Medical IEC 62304 Template

Intland’s Medical IEC 62304 Template is customized for compliance with IEC 62304, and also supports compliance with FDA Title 21 CFR Part 11, ISO 14971, and IEC 60601. It was developed with the aim to address the special needs of developers and manufacturers of medical products by optimizing medical device development processes.

Intland’s Automotive ISO 26262 Template

Intland’s Automotive ISO 26262 Template helps you reach compliance with the international standard ISO 26262, adherence to the Automotive SPICE and CMMI models, and overall enable you to develop safety-related embedded systems up to ASIL D or SIL 3.

Intland’s Avionics DO-178C Template

Intland’s Avionics DO-178C Template provides out of the box support for compliance with the requirements of DO-178C. It contains all the objectives of the standard, as well as preconfigured trackers, and allows you to specify and enforce safe and compliant avionics development processes.

Intland’s SAFe® Template

Scaling Agile across large organizations is a difficult task. For enterprises looking for a safe and smooth way to transition to Agile, one that lets them keep organizational structure and control over their teams, the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe®) is a great solution. As the first implementation of SAFe® in the Agile world, codeBeamer offers a dedicated Scaled Agile Framework template that supports the processes of the Team, Program and Portfolio Levels. Our ALM solution helps you manage and monitor the work and performance of multiple Agile Release Trains in a convenient, easy to overview manner.

Intland’s Scrum Template

Intland’s Scrum Template for codeBeamer ALM was created to support teams working under the Agile framework with the Scrum and Kanban software development methodologies. It offers various features to support Agile development, providing a great basis for any Agile project.

Intland’s Agile-Waterfall Hybrid Template

Agile/Scrum and Waterfall/V-model seem to be methods with really different fundamentals, but they are complementary for complex, multi-tier system development. In most cases, hardware components are developed using a Waterfall/V-model method, while software components can be managed with an Agile approach. codeBeamer ALM supports both of these, as well as the combination of Agile and Waterfall in a custom Hybrid method.