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Scrum Template to Deliver More Business Value

Intland’s Scrum Template for codeBeamer ALM was created to support teams working under the Agile framework with Scrum and Kanban software development methodologies.

In the past, teams used to follow tasks and product changes using spreadsheets, whiteboards and sticky notes. Frequent changes and increasing product backlog requests brought about the need for solutions that provide teams with project transparency, traceability and collaborative features.

This Scrum Template is the implementation of the Scrum approach to project management. Scrum is one of the most simple and common implementations of Agile, where Agile is an umbrella term used to describe any process that is focused on responding to change.

The Scrum Template leverages the capabilities of codeBeamer ALM to enable software developers and software development teams to define and prioritize work items (in sprints), to easily evaluate potential project risks and process pitfalls, and to get an overview of completed tasks. The Scrum Template also supports better communication and collaboration within the team.

The Scrum Template guides you trough the two main activities of Scrum project management, sprints and iterations. These artifacts enable the team and the product owner to decide about the work that has to be done, and to create sprint backlogs (a list of tasks to complete during the actual sprint). The Scrum Template also lets you monitor and track the status of tasks using the Kanban board.

The Scrum Template is ideal for Product Owners and Scrum Masters to improve collaboration among team members, shorten product delivery, enhance product quality, and consequently to increase customer satisfaction.

This Scrum Template is included in codeBeamer by default – to start your own Scrum project, simply download the latest version of codeBeamer, and use the predefined Scrum Template when creating a new project!

To start using the Scrum Template, download the latest version of codeBeamer

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