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Scrum is considered as a simple but surprisingly powerful approach to software development. As the most popular framework for Agile software development, we decided to create a document about Scrum to provide you with basic information about Scrum that might help you to work with Scrum more effectively.

Download our “Scrum – How to work more effectively” document today to start working with Scrum and benefit from great benefits.

Our “Scrum” document clears up the myths about Scrum, provides you with clear information about the basics of Scrum, Scrumban and the respective benefits as well as a few tips on how to choose the right Scrum Project Management tool.

What can you read about in our document, – entitled “Scrum – How to work more effectively” are as follow:

  • Short introduction of Scrum, the most well-known iterative and incremental Agile software development method.
  • Introduction of ScrumBUT, a term to describe teams that take a pick and mix approach to Scrum adoption, only implementing some elements of Scrum without fully understanding the consequences.
  • Highlighting the main benefits of using Scrum according to our experience and Kenny Rubin, Scrum certified trainer.
  • A few tips on features that software development teams should look for when implementing Scrum Project Management tools.
  • Introduction of Scrum Project Template and how it can help you to generate greater value for your business.
  • Comparing Kanban and Scrum to identify similarities and differences and to help you to choose the “right” software development method.
  • We share our experience about when it is necessary to switch from Scrum to Kanban.
  • Introduction of Scrumban, the union of Scrum and Kanban, its benefits and what kind of projects Scrumban is best suited for.

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