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SAFe® Template to Scale Agile Across Large Organizations

Due to the many benefits Agile could bring to teams and development processes, this modern software development framework is increasingly popular among organizations of all sizes. Shorter time to market, a more efficient use of resources to produce working software that better fits the requirements of the end user, increased client satisfaction, and reduced costs are all possible advantages of using Agile and its related methods (Scrum, XP, etc).

However, one of Agile’s basic objectives is to transfer all (or at least most) control to self-organizing teams. What’s more, to achieve flexibility and to be able to better respond to change, Agile removes the emphasis from plans, processes, tools and documentation. Understandably, global organizations are therefore wondering how they could reap the benefits of Agile without unleashing disorder among their neatly controlled teams.

To help these enterprises set out on the road to Agile in a structured way, various frameworks have been devised. Perhaps the most popular of these is the Scaled Agile Framework. Dean Leffingwell’s SAFe® helps large companies make the transition to Agile while keeping some organizational structure.

SAFe® works with three layers of organizational structure: the Team, Program, and Portfolio levels. At the Team level, SAFe® is more or less equivalent to simple Scrum with a few elements of XP added. The Program level aims to align the teams to form an Agile Release Train, which works to realize the strategic goals set out by the Portfolio level (influenced by higher management).

For more information on how codeBeamer supports the implementation of the Scaled Agile Framework across large organizations, watch our 50-minute webinar recording above. In this video, you will be able to find out more about the basics of SAFe®, and how codeBeamer can help you implement this framework in practice.

Please note that our SAFe® Template is for advanced codeBeamer users with some level of Agile experience. 1/2 days of professional consulting is recommended and available for purchase. Please contact us for a quote.

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