Risk Management

blog-140819-risk-management-lifecycle-336x336 Risk Management codeBeamer’s Risk Management feature set helps you identify, analyze, and mitigate or reduce all the risks that might affect the success of your development projects. It comes with preconfigured trackers to conduct Failure Mode and Effects Analysis, and greatly facilitates compliance with ISO 14971, ISO 26262, IEC 61508, IEC 62304, DO-178C, as well as other standards.

Risks are inevitable in product development projects, whether you are using an Agile, Waterfall, or Hybrid process to create enterprise applications, embedded software, or IoT-connected products. Being able to identify these risks early on and adequately preparing for them could make or break the project, and could significantly affect the profitability of your entire company.

risk-matrix-336x378 Risk Management Safety and reliability are top concerns when creating high quality products for the automotive, medical, aviation industries as well as other sectors. In the case of mission-critical devices, human lives may depend on the correct functioning of embedded software. Risk management is not only an important activity to ensure the quality of these safety-critical priducts, it is also a process required by the various standards and guidelines that apply to these highly regulated industries (such as ISO 26262, ISO 14971, IEC 61508, etc).

codeBeamer’s risk management functionality is organically integrated with its ALM capabilities, and allows you to conduct all the steps of a comprehensive risk management lifecycle:

  1. Risk Identification
  2. Classification and Assessment
  3. Hazard Analysis
  4. Risk Reduction Plan
  5. Risk Mitigation Actions
  6. Documentation and Reporting

The risk management features of codeBeamer ALM are fully integrated with requirements, development testing, and releases, ensuring complete risk traceability throughout the entire lifecycle. Risks are documented, and their coverage with reduction or mitigation activities may be analyzed in real-time. codeBeamer’s Risk Matrix Diagrams allow you to visualize risks, and to analyze the performance of your mitigation efforts. Custom reporting features help you provide proof of your risk management activities to facilitate compliance audits. Preconfigured but flexibly customizable Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA) trackers, complete with a FMEA worksheets, help you collect all possible failure modes, plan and execute their mitigation, and report on the entire process.

Risk & failure mode trackers and libraries

Create a risk registry to identify and analyze all hazards using preconfigured, yet flexibly adaptable risk and failure mode work items. Save your risks to libraries, and re-use them in future projects.

Hazard analysis

Set likelihood (occurrence), severity, and detection values for each of your risks. A Risk Priority Number will be automatically calculated based on these values to support risk prioritization. Visualize your overall risk level as well as how your mitigation actions are performing using our configurable Risk Matrix Diagrams.

Risk management workflows & process enforcement

Define and enforce a workflow for your risk management lifecycle, and restrict access via user permissions. Take advantage of codeBeamer's automatic change control feature which documents all actions and changes on all your risk-related work items.

Integrated risk management, risk traceability

Derive risks from requirements (to collect and analyze all risks of a certain feature), or the other way around (to implement new features to reduce or mitigate risks). As all links are automatically established between work items throughout the lifecycle, end-to-end risk traceability is ensured.

Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA) Template

Support your risk management with Failure Mode and Effects Analysis. codeBeamer’s preconfigured FMEA functionality lets you collect, analyze risks, as well as plan, manage, and document the execution of all risk mitigation actions. Export a comprehensive FMEA worksheet to report on your risk-related activities.

Advanced collaboration features

Assign risks to team members, and authorize certain members of your team to access a shared risk registry. Comment, vote on, or rate risks collaboratively.

Risk documentation and reporting

Export risk traceability reports conveniently to prove the efficiency of your risk mitigation activities in compliance audits. Use custom Word or Excel templates to export reports on your requirements and risks, as well as the execution of mitigation activities.

Features Overview

For a detailed overview of all the features that codeBeamer ALM offers, head over to our Features page.

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