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Download and read our ‘Requirements Management Guide’, filled with useful tips and information that can accelerate your development process with Requirements management.

Requirements management addresses the challenges of managing a growing volume of data, – big data and increasing complexity while providing complete traceability. Requirements Management helps software development teams to define and elaborate requirements that projects generate over time.

Requirements Management gives answers to the question “why”, determining the aim and the future development processes of all projects and making sure that all team members understand the development steps ahead.

Requirements can be anything from an abstract need to a well-described instruction and they have many names depending on the software development methodology used. Regardless the names Requirements management is a solution that helps to translate and transform business needs into products.

Our Requirements Management Guide enables you to learn about:

  • Benefits of Requirements Management tools vs. Documents-based requirements
  • Requirements Management tool
  • Results of our “Maturity Levels of Requirements Engineering Survey” to show how companies implement Requirements Management and Requirements Engineering
  • Return on Investment of Requirements Management tools to calculate costs and benefits
  • Experience Report to show how to work with the Requirements Management module of codeBeamer ALM software solution
  • Comparison of the Requirements Management module of codeBeamer ALM software to other solutions

Download ‘Requirements Management Guide’ to increase your efficiency and revenue with Requirements Management.

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