Host codeBeamer ALM on your own server, or purchase the cloud-hosted (SaaS) option. Scroll down to learn more about our flexibly customizable license plans (prices do not include VAT). For a detailed overview of codeBeamer’s features and license types, please consult our Features page.

Display prices in:

Named Floating
Application Lifecycle Management €1.950 €7.800
Requirements Management €1.100 €4.400
Software Development €800 €3.200
QA & Testing €1.250 €5.000
Review Hub license package for 5 users €500 €5.000
Review Hub license package for 10 users €990 €9.900
Named Floating
Application Lifecycle Management €1.170 €4.680
Requirements Management €660 €2.640
Software Development €480 €1.920
QA & Testing €750 €3.000
Review Hub license package for 5 users €300 €3.000
Review Hub license package for 10 users €600 €6.000

Variants Package (Branching, Merging, Baseline, Diff)

To use the Variants Package, you'll need at least 10 ALM licenses. The minimum purchase volume is 10 Variants Package users. Additionally, purchasing a minimum 5 days of consulting is mandatory.
€1.000 / named user

Agile Package (Release and Sprint Planner, Kanban, Workflows)

The Agile Package is included by default in all ALM licences. A minimum of 10 ALM licenses is required to use this plugin.

Service Desk

codeBeamer’s Service Desk allows you to configure a custom, user-friendly dashboard where your customers can submit issues (feature requests, change requests, bugs, etc.) conveniently, with just a few clicks. These issues will be automatically fed into your ALM, creating work items so that your team can start working on the issues right away.

Atlassian JIRA® Bidirectional Connector

During the early access period, the Atlassian JIRA® Bidirectional Connector is available free of charge. Once generally available, the price of this JIRA Connector will be €15 per user per month, with a minimum subscription period of 12 months.
Free during early access, then €15 / named user / month

Enterprise Architect Connector

codeBeamer ALM’s Enterprise Architect integration allows you to import your UML diagrams into codeBeamer conveniently. Prices are applicable per named user, per month for a minimum of 10 users. The minimum subscription period is 12 months.
€15 / named user / month

DOORS Bridge - IBM® Rational® DOORS® Connector

Our native integration with IBM® Rational® DOORS® enables you to modernize your legacy toolchain with codeBeamer ALM while ensuring data consistency across requirements management & development tools. For more information on setup and pricing, please contact us.
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Slack Integration - ChatOps

codeBeamer’s integration with Slack enables you to take collaboration to the next level by implementing ChatOps. Search for artifacts in your ALM tool, get details about issues, and create ALM items directly from your Slack workspace. During the early access period, the Slack integration is available free of charge.

MATLAB Simulink

This MATLAB Simulink integration allows bidirectional traceability between Simulink models and codeBeamer’s requirement work items.
codeBeamer ALM provides interfaces and 3rd party connectors to more than 50 development applications. For more info, check out our Integrations page. For more information visit our Integrations page, or contact us. Contact Sales

Intland's Automotive ISO 26262 & ASPICE Template

This template supports compliance in automotive development (ISO 26262, IEC 61508, Automotive SPICE, CMMI and more).

Intland's Medical IEC 62304 & ISO 14971 Template

Our medical template has been preconfigured for compliance with IEC 62304, Title 21 CFR Part 11 (FDA), ISO 14971, IEC 60601 and more.

Intland's SAFe® 4.0 Template

For enterprises wanting to go Agile, this template supports the implementation of SAFe®, the Scaled Agile Framework.

Intland's Pharma GAMP® 5 Template

The pharma template has been preconfigured to support compliance with GAMP® 5 guidelines in pharmaceutical project management.

Intland’s Avionics DO-178C & DO-254 Template

For developers of avionics embedded systems, this template supports compliance with RTCA DO-178C (EUROCAE ED-12C) and DO-254.

Intland Tool Validation Package

The Validation Package Template contains the assets used by TÜV and which may be used by any independent auditor to qualify codeBeamer ALM for safety-critical use. It helps cut the time and costs of validating your ALM tool for use in the development of safety-critical products.
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codeBeamer ALM is a powerful yet flexible Application Lifecycle Management platform. While highly user-friendly, in order to ensure that you’re making the most of its advanced features, we recommend that you participate in any of our training, consulting or customization programs.

Purchasing and Licenses FAQ

Yes. When starting a new instance, a minimum of 10 licenses have to be purchased (Requirements Management, Sofware Development, Quality Assurance & Test Management, or ALM). There’s no minimum when upgrading an existing license. Please contact us for a custom quote.

Different roles in a development team need access to different feature sets. The following list helps you match codeBeamer license types to user roles in your team. Please note that users with an ALM license have access to all the features of codeBeamer ALM across feature sets (ALM = RM + SWDEV + QA).

Team Leader codeBeamer ALM
Business Analyst codeBeamer Requirements Management
Customer codeBeamer Review Hub
Project Manager codeBeamer ALM
Developer codeBeamer Software Development
Compliance Manager codeBeamer ALM + Review Hub
Requirements Engineer codeBeamer Requirements Management
Scrum Master codeBeamer ALM includes Agile Package
Test Analyst codeBeamer QA & Testing

Purchasing a perpetual license means that after an initial upfront payment, you have the right to use codeBeamer ALM forever. The support fee, which starts from 20% of your license fee per year, is mandatory for the first year, and is not included in the price of perpetual licenses.

Renting codeBeamer ALM saves you the cashflow outlay upfront. It lets you use the software by continuing to pay the yearly rental fee. Support and maintenance is included in your annual fee.

Please keep in mind that perpetual and rental licensing models cannot be combined.

From a breakeven cost perspective, the perpetual license is a cost-effective solution if you plan to use codeBeamer ALM for at least 2,5 years.

With named licenses, each and every user needs to be named and granted a license. Floating licenses, on the other hand, allow a pool of users to share the total purchased number of floating licenses. As long as a floating license is available (e.g. the number of users currently logged in is lower than the number of floating licenses purchased), any user can access codeBeamer ALM. Many of our customers combine named and floating licenses.

You can also choose on-site licenses for unlimited use. This is generally recommended for large-scale deployments with over 300+ concurrent users.

Yes, it is possible to combine named and floating licenses. For instance, you can purchase named licenses for your developers, floating licenses for all your other teams, and an additional set of 5 or 10 Review Hub licenses for your customers. This ensures that all stakeholders have access to relevant lifecycle data at all times.

Subscription & Support is mandatory for the first year of all perpetual licenses. The price of Subscription & Support starts at 20% of license price, and is not included in the perpetual prices listed.
Subscription & Support is included in the price of Renting and Hosted licenses. The minimum subscription period for Renting and Hosted licenses is 12 months, with payment completed in advance.

The default timeout period for a floating user session is 90 minutes. When you log out, your session will be immediately free for others.

Yes, you have the option to make adjustments regarding the ratio of named and floating licenses once within 180 days of sending the PO, with an “exchange rate” of 4 Named licenses = 1 Floating license.

Yes, you can use all codeBeamer licenses from any country, continent, time zone, and location.

Notifications will be sent to you within codeBeamer and via e-mail well before your license expires. To extend your license, simply reach out to our sales team at

Volume discounts may apply, and we also offer discounts on license prices for academic institutions. Feel free to contact us for a custom quote.

Reviewer can use the Review Hub, browse, and comment on, or change the status of requirements. Reviewers can’t create or modify items. Only Moderators (holding an RM or ALM license) can start, e-sign, and complete a review process. Reviewer Hub licenses require the use of codeBeamer ALM version 8.2 or higher.

Holders of RM or ALM licenses automatically have access to Review Hub capabilities. Review Hub licenses can be purchased separately for those users seeking to browse, make comments and change the status of requirements without the need for features offered by the full RM or ALM licenses.

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Trying to figure out which combination of licenses would best suit your needs? Let us help you. Please use the box on the right to describe your development environment and requirements. Our sales team will be in touch with you soon.

Alternatively, please feel free to call or e-mail us right away:
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