Expert Series: Functional Safety in Automotive Development – ISO 26262 in Practice

Managing functional safety in the context of safety-critical product development is a fundamentally important process. That’s especially true in the automotive industry, where the lack of unacceptable risks in engineered products is stipulated by a set of international standards and regulations (primarily ISO 26262), making functional safety a prerequisite to entering the market. This free set of expert webinars on Functional Safety, recorded as part of Intland Software’s 2018 Summer Academy sessions, helps developers of safety-critical products understand the theory and practice of managing functional safety. Fill in the form to access all videos.

This series of 3 webinar recordings (ranging in length between 35-40 minutes each) helps you understand the concept of functional safety, and provides tips and best practices to achieving it in the development of complex automotive systems. The webinar recordings cover topics including:

  • Analyzing hazards and managing risks in safety-critical product development
  • Assuring product quality in automotive software development
  • Managing safety requirements in an automotive setting
hazard-analysis-functional-safety-compliance-01 Intland’s Functional Safety Summer Academy

Hazard Analysis and Functional Safety Compliance

fmea-risk-management-practice-01 Intland’s Functional Safety Summer Academy

FMEA & Risk Management in Practice

safety-requirements-management-automotive-industry-01 Intland’s Functional Safety Summer Academy

Safety Requirements Management in the Automotive Industry

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