Expert Series: Functional Safety in Automotive Development – ISO 26262 in Practice

functional-safety-automotive-development-iso-26262-practice Intland’s Functional Safety Summer Academy Managing functional safety in the context of safety-critical product development is a fundamentally important process. The success of these activities greatly affects the bottom line of companies developing such products. In the context of automotive engineering, ensuring freedom from unacceptable risks is governed by a set of international standards (mainly ISO 26262) making functional safety a prerequisite to entering the market.

But understanding the concept of functional safety, let alone achieving it in the development of complex products is easier said than done.

Learn everything you need to know about the theory and practice of managing functional safety in our expert webinar series this summer. Join all four webinars over June-September 2018 (or simply sign up to receive the recordings in your inbox) to learn more about:

  • Analyzing hazards and managing risks in safety-critical product development
  • Assuring product quality in automotive software development
  • Confidently tackling compliance audits with minimal effort