Customer Success Story: RT Logic

RT Logic is an industry leader in providing innovative products for the space industry. Prior to switching to integrated ALM, they had a combination of version control and bug tracking tools in use, with limited somewhat functionality. Customization, ease of setup & use, and ROI were considered the main criteria in their tool evaluation process.

The decision to transition to codeBeamer ALM was mostly affected by the tool’s ease of installation, integration with both Subversion and CVS (among others), highly configurable trackers, and role-based permissions. In addition, the company also needed to successfully tackle yearly ISO audits. Hosting over 100 active projects, codeBeamer ALM has become a one-stop shop for RT Logic’s work processes.

Download this short success story to learn more about the problems RT Logic was facing, how they arrived at the decision to implement integrated ALM, as well as the benefits they saw after getting started with codeBeamer ALM.

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