Enhance process transparency, scrutiny and collaboration in government software development projects

Government organizations the world over are aiming to improve Agility, collaboration, and transparency in their software development. Government IT needs web-based team communication, adequate requirements and project management, collaborative code and document management, traceability and transparency across the lifecycle, and the ability to leverage existing version control systems. Additional requirements include easy setup and low ongoing maintenance costs. codeBeamer ALM provides all of the above, and more.

codeBeamer ALM helps government organizations meet their goals while supporting Agility, predictability, accountability and traceability throughout the application lifecycle. With the centralized management of processes, users and projects, codeBeamer ALM increases productivity, improves process visibility, and can help dramatically reduce costs.

Since Intland Software was awarded the RFQ in August of 2004, we have been quite happy with both the support we have received from Intland as well as all of codeBeamer’s functionalities including project management, source code management, document management, project forums, issue tracking, wiki, source code statistics, version control integration, and integration with USDA’s authentication/ authorization infrastructure. codeBeamer currently hosts 291 projects.

Olaf David, Ph.D., Research Scientis, USDA

USDA Customer Success Story

USDA/NRCS uses codeBeamer to support collaboration among its dispersed development teams. Download this short success story to better understand the needs of USDA prior to implementing integrated ALM, as well as the benefits codeBeamer ALM has brought to this organization.