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Companies working in the finance industry are facing increasingly stringent regulatory requirements imposed upon them by governments, industry bodies and other regulators. Banks, investment and insurance companies have to achieve higher and higher levels of transparency, accountability and traceability in their development processes in order to achieve compliance with these requirements.

In addition to the inherent costs of meeting the requirements set forth by these regulations, compliance audits are also costly, and failure to comply could result in even more significant expenses. If that wasn’t enough, financial companies are facing ever tighter deadlines and budgets in their software projects in such a heavily regulated market environment.

As a consequence, cost-efficient ways of ensuring process & product quality, and achieving compliance are key success factors and could mean a competitive advantage for companies in a market operating at such a high velocity. Flexible Agile practices are increasingly used to cut costs and development time, but enforcing processes and ensuring quality are still of vital importance.

Due to its Waterfall / V-model and Agile support, codeBeamer helps streamline and stay in control of all development processes even across multiple teams and projects. Its flexible tracker system and powerful workflow engine enable you to completely customize your Application Lifecycle Management solution to suit your needs, and enforce predefined processes. Approval workflows are supported by e-signatures, guards, and automatic notifications. codeBeamer’s Demand Management functionality enables you to identify and prioritize demands and projects.

Full traceability is ensured and can be visualized in an easy to overview Traceability Browser to help compliance audits. Direct links between rules and functionality, as well as each work item may be established, from requirements all the way to testing and release. codeBeamer’s powerful Release Planner and customizable wiki plugins allow you to organize, assign and monitor the work of multiple teams. Its advanced risk management functionality help you identify, prioritize and manage the mitigation of all potential issues.

  • Waterfall/V-model, Agile and Hybrid support
  • Direct links between rules and functionality
  • Process enforcement, customizable workflows
  • Strong reporting features with wiki plugins & exporting to help audits
  • Complete, end-to-end traceability between work items
  • Flexibly customizable features
  • Advanced risk management functionality

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