REConf 2014

March 10, 2014

Join us at REConf 2014 between the 10-13th March in Munich where we will introduce you to the world of DevOps, Demand and Requirements Management.

Our presentation is titled as “Demand – Requirement – DevOps: From Idea to Implementation” will enable you to take a deeper look into the different phrases of the Demand to Requirements process management.

It all begins with a good idea and inevitably, this leads to the question of how to implement the idea, how can it be done? This is the point when we start to think about the solutions and it is in the moments the desire to implement the idea becomes a demand. The demand can be many things, for example a request to increase revenues, productivity or reduce costs.

Since demands are not requirements they can influence our ranking, voting and final approval process but once the demand is accepted it becomes requirement. The entire development process from initial concept to final product release is visible with complete traceability providing transparency throughout the software development lifecycle.

Global companies with different locations across the world are often faced with the problem how to deal with “the Demand to Requirements process” of these diverse locations. The use of a centralized Demand Management platform enables companies to capture ideas, refine and prioritize demands as well as define and manage requirements through the development and testing phases. It also helps companies to turn requirements into tasks and allocate to certain departments.

At REConf we will guide you through an entire Demand to Requirements process. You will see how demand become requirements, tasks and finally products.

Our presentation will be held in the hall “Ammersee 2” at 2:30-3:15 pm on 12 March.

We are looking forward to meeting you there!

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