codeBeamer ALM Rollout Package

The rollout package establishes a solid basis for your company’s ALM efforts. It contains everything your team needs to successfully build, maintain and improve a codeBeamer ALM system with trackers and workflows that perfectly suit your internal processes. While the rollout training’s program is flexible and fully customizable to match your team’s needs and interests, a recommended general schedule covers the following topics:

Day 1: Setting up codeBeamer ALM

On the first day, we’ll help you install and configure codeBeamer ALM to conform with your organization’s existing IT infrastructure, and help integrate codeBeamer with any other tools you’re currently using. We’ll also coach the system administrator on the backup, maintenance and setting up of codeBeamer ALM.

Please note that in order to help the rollout, we’ll need your:

  • System administrator for installation
  • AD/LDAP administrator to connect to your active directory system
  • E-mail system administrator to connect to your mail system
  • Oracle RDBMS administrator (if you are planning on using Oracle)

Day 2: codeBeamer ALM Professional Training

On the second day of your rollout procedure, we will train your team in customizing codeBeamer ALM.

The objective of this training is to provide your team with sufficient knowledge to access codeBeamer’s more advanced features.
You can change the schedule of the training, and customize it by choosing from a list of topics to best suit your needs:

  • System administration
  • Tracker configuration
  • Tracker scripting
  • Source code repositories
  • Email notification customization
  • Export template customization

Days 3-5: codeBeamer ALM Process Coaching, Implementation and Workshop

An experienced Intland consultant will guide and help your team to configure your processes in codeBeamer ALM. Together we will define, review and implement an initial codeBeamer configuration based on your processes, working methods and preferences. A customized end user training will be created to ensure that every member of your team, whatever user group they’re in, will be able to learn how to use codeBeamer ALM.

If it takes longer, don’t worry, we’ll be there to help you!