9.2 is released!

What's new?

Advanced branch management

Story plan / User story mapping

New Audit Trail Reports

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Advanced branch management

codeBeamer ALM 9.2 offers updated, versatile branching functionality. This new version lets you create branches based on a selected, filtered list of trackers or other branches, greatly facilitating the reuse of work items across branches.

By default, your new branch will inherit the permissions of the previous one, but permissions can be set to create read-only (immutable) branches, and even private ones. You can also set up references, and display requirements’ test coverage information across branches. Overall, the updated branching functionality in codeBeamer 9.2 makes it easier to manage the development of multiple product variants or different versions of requirement sets.

User story mapping with the updated Planner

The new Story Plan functionality of our Release Planner is a great help for Agile developers working with a large volume of work items and multiple teams to build complex products. Using this feature set, you can group work items by any of their fields to create stories. Stories help you focus on relevant bits of functionality without being distracted by what project or release they pertain to.

For example, one of our customers (a major German carmaker) uses Story Plan to group work items based on their products’ function areas. Our new user story mapping features enable them to group all the work items (requirements, tasks, tests, etc) related to a specific functionality in their end product and visualize, manage, rearrange, and prioritize that group of items together. With Story Plan, you can move these items across teams, sprints, or releases, and visualize them on a Kanban board.

Updated Audit Trail Reports

codeBeamer’s Audit Trail Reports got a complete makeover in 9.2. While the old reports is still live, the new audit functionality logs all activities globally in your codeBeamer instance. User logins and logouts, actions (updates to work items, documents, or fields), and permission changes are all recorded, giving you a one-stop shop for compliance audit preparations. Any and all changes to trackers, tracker fields, project roles, and user groups will be included in your Audit Trail Reports, and the system can be configured to store a logged history for up to a year.

System administrators can filter the report for a certain date range, project, tracker type, or user, and export reports to PDF or Excel with comprehensive information to accelerate compliance audits.

Further Improvements

Enhanced security features:
updated password policy,
optional database password

New story point-related
wiki plugins

Test Runner stability

Oracle performance

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Download codeBeamer ALM 9.2 free for Windows or Linux, or start a cloud-hosted SaaS evaluation.