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enterprise-agile-system-engineering codeBeamer ALM New Release

LeSS support for Agile teams

This new version extends codeBeamer’s existing (SAFe®) capabilities with support for the Large-Scale Scrum (LeSS) framework. In version 9.4, we added Teams and Areas tracker types to better align with the needs of LeSS teams. You can cross-assign Areas, Teams, and team members in the system, while the new @team/@area mention feature enhances collaboration across teams.

Project Configuration Merge and Staging

Using the new project merge functionality, admins can easily transfer project configurations to another project without affecting project data. This makes it easy to validate safety-critical processes, and then merge it to a Production Project located on the same or another production server. You can select the relevant configuration parts to add or update. Think of this as “paste formatting” for project configurations – a huge time saver for teams managing complex product lines or juggling multiple projects!

project-configuration-merge-staging codeBeamer ALM New Release
integrations-apis-swagger-jira-391x48 codeBeamer ALM New Release

Integrations & APIs

An increased number of end points enables more versatile use of codeBeamer 9.4’s Swagger API. We have also updated our Jira connector API, enabling the seamless integration of codeBeamer ALM with cloud-based Jira instances.

Regulated industry support

The updated reporting engine in codeBeamer 9.4 lets you conduct historical searches. A quick example: using history search, you can easily find out which user a certain task was assigned to last year in a previous version. This provides a full audit trail, enabling you to meticulously review historical changes on your trackers. (Remember, codeBeamer’s existing audit trail functionality provides similar change control on your processes!)

This new version also offers suspected link support for conditional transition guards. For instance, you can now block an item’s state transition until inconsistencies, such as “Suspected Items”, have been resolved in all referenced upstream and downstream items. This provides full control over your processes, an important requirement in the development of regulated products. Also supporting safety-critical teams, you can now delegate review tasks to other reviewers in a fully transparent and controlled manner. Use this feature to transparently replace team members responsible for approvals in the Review Hub.

features-for-regulated-development-2 codeBeamer ALM New Release
features-for-regulated-development-1 codeBeamer ALM New Release
intelligent-table-view-intland-retina-1 codeBeamer ALM New Release

Traceability enhancement with intelligent views

Several improvements to our tracker views and reports help you gain better insights more efficiently. You can now show ancestors/descendants in a tree view, and apply your filters across associated items. For instance, when searching for closed items, you’ll see closed children items even if their parents aren’t closed yet. The new Intelligent Document View introduced in 9.4 brings information that is split between different trackers together again in one transparent document view that enables filtering to let you search upstream/downstream items. Essentially, we have added the table view’s existing reference view to the document view. Both in document and table view, you can now filter for chapters and subchapters, giving you a simpler, cleaner work environment that helps you focus on what you’re working on.

Reporting using updated Word templates and PDF publishing

codeBeamer ALM 9.4 extends our mail merge Word template import functionality with conditional fields. With the new version, you can add conditional formatting to your Word export/import templates.

In another much-awaited feature, we have added PDF export functionality to codeBeamer. Simply click PDF when exporting a document to share data using this universal document format.

pdf-export-and-word-template-updates codeBeamer ALM New Release

Project Browser updates

Development teams working on complex system-of-systems products often have a hard time configuring and managing a large number of projects. codeBeamer ALM 9.4 brings multi-level project category support, and a new Project Category Manager role. With the new project/category tree views introduced in this version, project admins can efficiently keep complex project structures organized and transparent for every member of every project.

project-management-updates codeBeamer ALM New Release

Free webinar: What is New in codeBeamer ALM 9.4?

Why upgrade to codeBeamer ALM 9.4? Join our webinar on 26 Jun 2019, 4:00 PM (CEST) / 10:00 AM (EST) / 7:00 AM (PST)