High performance and low UI response rates are vital when it comes to everyday use. Scalability is a key requirement for enterprise users. These are two key areas that tend to cause Polarion users a headache.

Originally, Polarion’s solution was designed and implemented using Subversion (SVN) for versioning and storing data. Recognizing query limitations, Polarion implemented a PostgreSQL replication of SVN to support queries. This of course did not eliminate all known performance and responsivity limitations. Intland Software predicts that we will not see Subversion and Subversion-based systems on the market in a few years. Subversion is an outdated legacy solution.

codeBeamer ALM is able to manage 10 million requirements and 1,000 concurrent users at the same time. It can quickly process 35,000 requirements in a single document. Based on our recent performance comparison tests, none of our competitors (including Polarion) are able to achieve this unique level of performance and scalability. Don’t take our word for it: download our scalability performance test report and compare codeBeamer ALM’s performance to that of its competitors!

In the medical, automotive and avionics field, Git is an industry standard solution. With codeBeamer, we have a much stronger Git support than any of our ALM competitors.

With Polarion’s acquisition by Siemens, the company’s primary focus changed to PLM. We believe that their tool innovation will be driven by PLM and not by ALM customers or where the industry is moving (no DevOps, Docker, Kubernetes etc. suport)

Siemens offers an integration between their PLM and ALM tools. Our customer experience shows that any ALM-PLM integration is not a technical challenge. It is, primarily, a process design question the technical implementation of which is manageable. There is no silver-bullet integration which works for all ALM and PLM products. Designing your own integration is both inevitable and beneficial.

In codeBeamer ALM, the process configuration work is done using the graphical user interface, resulting in a significantly shorter rollout time than that of Polarion.

swatch codeBeamer ALM vs Polarion® ALM™

Why codeBeamer ALM?

codeBeamer ALM is a fully integrated platform that offers robust functionality and a flexible, highly customizable architecture. Advanced workflows, process control, compliance, and reporting are just a few of the features that help you develop better quality products faster.

  • Fully integrated, scalable ALM solution
  • Customizable, user-friendly GUI
  • Full Waterfall, Hybrid, Agile, and scaled Agile development support
  • Advanced reporting features for management and audit support
  • Easy to integrate into complex toolchains
  • Built-in support for safety-critical industries