IBM CLM is not holistic ALM (not one product) but a software suite consisting of, for example, Rational Team Concert, Rational Quality Manager, and Rational DOORS Next Generation. Consistency is limited between these different products, resulting in integration challenges. In addition, quality is inconsistent across IBM’s products.

For IBM CLM, Jazz is required as integration platform and OSLC API is required to integrate the different IBM products. Each IBM product (called module) must be configured separately. In effect, when purchasing Rational CLM, you’re buying three different tools with different technologies and user interfaces. This makes the rollout, training, daily use, and the operation of this product suite costly and inconvenient.

Ensuring traceability, baselining, and process configuration across the tool suite can be challenging. There are other technical limitations to this toolset, most notably DOORS Next Generation (NG) has limitations in terms of speed, scalability, workflow, and review functionality. Migration from DOORS is limited by ReqIF.

In contrast, codeBeamer ALM is a holistically integrated ALM solution. It is able to manage 10 million requirements and 1,000 concurrent users. It can quickly process 35,000 requirements in a single document. Based on our recent performance comparison tests, none of our competitors (including IBM) are able to achieve this unique level of performance and scalability.

Don’t take our word for it: download our scalability performance test report and compare codeBeamer ALM’s performance to that of its competitors.

IBM® Rational® CLM does not offer templates for compliance with medical, automotive, aviation, pharma, and other safety-critical industry standards, which makes the configuration and roll-out of this software suite expensive and time-consuming.

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Why codeBeamer ALM?

codeBeamer ALM is a fully integrated platform that offers robust functionality and a flexible, highly customizable architecture. Advanced workflows, process control, compliance, and reporting are just a few of the features that help you develop better quality products faster.

  • Fully integrated, scalable ALM solution
  • Customizable, user-friendly GUI
  • Full Waterfall, Hybrid, Agile, and scaled Agile development support
  • Advanced reporting features for management and audit support
  • Easy to integrate into complex toolchains
  • Built-in support for safety-critical industries

codeBeamer ALM and IBM DOORS Working Together via DOORS Bridge

See how DOORS Bridge helps you import and reimport all your requirements including baselines, discussions, history, link attributes, and the relations of artifacts from IBM® Rational® DOORS® to codeBeamer ALM.

swatch codeBeamer ALM vs IBM® Rational® CLM