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Embedded Testing 2016

28-30 Jun 2016, Munich Focusing exclusively on the testing of products with embedded devices & software, Embedded Testing 2016 is a valuable event for companies operating in a variety of industries. Organizations developing embedded products face the challenge of complying

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ISO 14971: Medical Risk Management Best Practices

Risk management is of such vital importance in the development of medical devices that a separate standard was devised to ensure the adequacy of hazard reduction processes. ISO 14971, a standard titled Medical devices — Application of risk management to
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Migrating From a Fragmented Tool Environment to Integrated ALM

Using a mix of single-point software tools to aid development is common practice, even in the case of large global enterprises. However, software development teams see the drawbacks of this fragmented tool environment: limited traceability, data consistency problems, and less
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Agile Requirements Management Best Practices

The evolution of Agile, this increasingly popular modern software development framework, has been driven by the need to deliver better software solutions faster. In order to increase the value of software products, one must perfectly understand the problem they’re supposed
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Software Quality Assurance, Testing and Reporting

Software quality is fast becoming the new currency in the development of smart, IoT-connected and embedded products. Therefore, using mature processes during software development and testing, ensuring gapless end-to-end traceability, and documenting quality assurance are crucial. Requirements-based testing is increasingly
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