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Risk Management & FMEA in Safety-Critical Development

Risk management is vital for all development projects. That’s especially true in the case of safety-critical software development, where mitigating all possible hazards is crucial for the reliable and safe operation of the end product. Therefore, companies developing software embedded
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codeBeamer User Conference

Datum: Donnerstag, 19. November, 09:30 – 16:30 Uhr Veranstaltungsort: Parkhotel Stuttgart Messe – Airport Filderbahnstraße 2 70771 Leinfelden-Echterdingen Anfahrtsbeschreibung Connected Devices, Functional Safety, Agilität …. sind brisante Themen, die anspruchsvolle Anforderungen an eine moderne Software Entwicklung stellen. Die Ausrichtung auf
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Managing Requirements in an Agile Development Environment

Watch this webinar recording to learn more about efficiently managing requirements in Agile. The recording will help you better understands the basics of Agile, and how its values and principles can be put in practice, helping you better capture and
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Agile IT Operations: Managing DevOps Processes

Watch this webinar recording to learn the fundamentals of DevOps, the approach that aims to bring together Development and Operations. After discussing the basics, the webinar goes on to explaining the benefits, as well as the practicalities of DevOps. This
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Embedded Testing Conference

The conference “Embedded Testing 2015” will take place in Munich from 3rd to 5th of November. As the name suggests, the 3 days event focuses on testing of embedded software. In the era of Agile, Devops and Industry 4.0, increasingly,

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