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Why DevOps is Essential for IoT and Innovation

Constant innovation is central to building a great product, sounds great doesn’t it? However, often for the operations teams, constant innovation is tiring, – a roadblock to doing their job effectively. It means more changes to communicate to the customer,

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Dark Side of DevOps -  Intland Software

What is the Dark Side of DevOps?

DevOps integrates development and operations teams to improve collaboration and productivity by automating all sorts of processes. There are situations where this may not be appropriate. Similar to any other domain or solution, one size does not fit all. DevOps

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Is the Criticism of Agile Development by Dark Agile Manifesto Fact or Fiction?

Is Continuous Delivery and DevOps Replacing Agile?

The question “Is continuous delivery replacing Agile?” is often discussed today. It is frankly an absurd question, with no evidence supporting that it is the case. More often than not the question is raised by Continuous Delivery vendor advocates (targeting

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DevOps for optimizing your IT and your entire business

Agile, SAFe and DevOps – Replacing ITIL

The introduction of ITIL as a formal approach to enterprise IT Service Management (ITSM) put in place order and structure where previously there was none to speak of.  The benefits were dramatic, greatly improving IT service, in terms of both
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Recruiting for DevOps Enterprise-Intland-Software

Corporate HR Beware: Recruiting for DevOps Enterprise?

DevOps is taking the world by storm, disrupting the traditional Enterprise structure, where development, Quality Control and IT operations co-exist in isolated silos.  The DevOps concept breaks down the barriers between these departments.  Such disruption comes with big changes, visible

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DevOps Enterprise Guide

Do you hear the term DevOps every day but still struggle with understanding the complete meaning? Are you unsure about the benefits of DevOps and what features DevOps tools should have? If so, then our white paper titled DevOps Enterprise

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DevOps and The Internet of Things (IoT)

With the emergence of Big Data and the Internet of things (IoT), the value of DevOps has become all too clear, breaking down the traditional barriers between Agile Development and Operations.  This new interconnected world where business networks and their

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DevOps for optimizing your IT and your entire business

How does DevOps help your business to grow?

Have you ever wondered how DevOps can support your business? Is DevOps only an IT support tool or is it more than that? What else is DevOps good for? Although there is no agreement on the definition of DevOps, with

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DevOps methods, practices and tools

Scaling DevOps: What Features Should DevOps Tools have?

The growing trend of businesses integrating the disciplines and associated processes of Agile development and IT Operations (DevOps) has resulted in an increased demand for tools suitable for DevOps, – DevOps tools suitable for Scaling DevOps for Enterprise use. So what

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Continuous Delivery & DevOps

Continuous Delivery & DevOps in Practice

As those who have read our 2-part series on DevOps (click here for part 1, and here for part 2) already know, DevOps is a fairly recent IT approach that brings together the disciplines of development and operations, aligning their

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