ALM-Agile-Software-for-Waterfall-Project-Management-Intland-Software-336x336 Why Use ALM – Agile Software for Waterfall Project Management? Waterfall In Waterfall Project Management, there is a top – down management style with an emphasis on upfront planning. The application lifecycle occurs in distinct phases in a specific order, with each phase completed before moving on to the next. In contrast, Agile Software project management is a much more fluid, – dynamic lifecycle, subject to expected changing requirements and therefore has an emphasis on emergent design. Management tasks are delegated to the team providing a sense of task ownership. So why use Agile Software tools (such as codeBeamer ALM software), designed for emergent design, for Waterfall Project Management?

Agile Hybridization: Accelerate Development

The term Agile is used all too often to describe models of development that are far from Agile and are in actual effect hybrid models of development. There are many reasons for pursuing Agile hybridization, often it is adopted to accelerate specific areas of development, tailored to specific business needs. Typically, businesses keep what works and update the rest with Agile processes, feeding in real time feedback to the relevant development phases. For businesses tendering for developer’s services, Agile is now an expectation and often a requirement to participate in the tenders; so if you are not doing Agile it implies that you are an old fashioned obsolete developer. The label Agile in conjunction with Waterfall or any other software development methodology (hybrid model) suggests that the developer is are up-to-date.

The Problem for Waterfall Project Managers

The Agile landscape is therefore far from uniform and its use case norm is one of hybridization. The problem for Waterfall Project Managers is that tools for Waterfall project management are not designed for implementing Agile processes. The good news is that Agile software / tools for Agile development such as ALM Software have evolved to meet the requirements of other models of development, (Waterfall in particular) and the piece by piece adoption of agile processes.

Adapt Agile Processes Where and When Necessary

Here at Intland Software we take the requirements of business very seriously, ensuring our codeBeamer ALMhas all the relevant functionality to enable business to adapt Agile processes where and when necessary. Features such as demand management and the prioritization of feature demands enable in depth planning and prioritization of demand before transformation into project requirements. Advanced Business Process Management module enable businesses to integrate other systems processes into the project management where and when necessary. codeBeamer ALM comes packaged with an Agile / Waterfall template to speed up the implementation process.

Intland’s Agile-Waterfall Hybrid Template

Intland’s Agile-Waterfall Hybrid Template

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