Scrum, Scrumban and Extreme Programming

September 05, 2014

codeBeamer-ALM-software-Scrum-Scrumban-Extreme-Programming-336x336 Scrum, Scrumban and Extreme Programming software development We have talked alot about Scrum, Scrumban and Agile Software Development methodologies lately but less about Extreme Programming. What are the similarities to Scrum?

There is much confusion about Extreme Programming in that it is often thought of as an alternative to Scrum, Scrumban or Kanban Agile methodologies. Of course XP is most certainly an Agile methodology, but this is where the similarities end. Scrum, Scrumban and Kanban are project management frameworks that can be used for software development, whereas XP is purely a software development methodology. The focus of Extreme Programming is not on project management unlike Scrum or Scrumban but rather on software engineering.

Extreme Programming for Engineering Practices

The proliferation of Scrum out of the software development arena is in part due to its self-organizing, flexible approach to software development, these very features have made it suitable in other areas of business and for purposes other than software development. So in essence it has become more with many of its practices now reinforced within project management tools used for other purposes.

Those that practice Scrum or Scrumban for software development, usually also use XP processes and practices on some level, whether they realize it or not, this is because they complement one another. Scrum and Scrumban are mainly for Agile project management, whereas Extreme programming is for engineering practices.

There are some important differences however that should be considered when deciding to use XP (before calling it XP) for software development, the most important of which is the following:

XP stresses working in pairs, sitting together within a team working together. If you have a team of programmers distributed around the globe that is happy to work remotely then the purist ideal of XP and such practices are just not practical. Of course pair programming is still viable but only in a distributed sense, reliant on collaborative project management tools such as codeBeamer ALM Software solution.

Some would argue that if you are practicing XP in teams remotely then you are not practicing XP at all. The use reality is that most software development teams use hybrid models, blended models of software development, – whether they care to admit it or not. However, most freely admit to a pick and mix approach to processes and practices.

Diverse software development methodologies that codeBeamer ALM supports

All software development methodologies are accommodated by codeBeamer ALM software, whether they are being used in a hybrid model or not, for software development or for other purpose. Extreme Programming concepts of release planning, Iteration Planning and continuous integration are all accommodated within codeBeamer ALM software functionality.

Take a look at our complete features list to see why we are the United Nations of Agile Software Development:

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