What is Agile Requirements Management?

June 27, 2014

Agile-Requirements-Management-Intland-Software-336x336 What is Agile Requirements Management? requirements Historically, to software developers the idea of Requirements Management is considered as necessary administration, required documentation, a painful process, traditionally done at the beginning of any software development project and preferably completed as soon as possible and out of the way, allowing developers do what they prefer to do, the development work.

The realization that the failure of Requirements Management is the leading cause of software development projects has lead to a sea change in software development methods over the last decade with the adoption of Agile seen as a solution to these failures of Requirements Management.

So what makes Requirements Management Agile?

We hear alot about the Agile Methodology and that one of the key benefits of it is the ability to adapt to changing requirements. Well it is the Agile Requirements Management that makes the Agile Methodology so good for adapting to change.

With Agile Requirements Management:

  • Requirements are less strictly defined.
  • Requirements are clear and to the point.
  • Feedback cycles and the definition processes are incremental
  • Starting with Requirements they then go into the backlog, then into Sprints and finally into Development as a PSI (see below).
  • With Agile results are demonstrable, it uses the concept of PSI – Potentially Shippable increments, and should result in a demo for customer ready after 1-3 sprints.
  • With Agile requirements management, requirements are always defined before they are implemented (developed).

Take the Pain out of Requirements Management

By reducing the burden of requirements management administration for development teams through the features of the Requirements Management tool of Intland Software, development teams can ensure that requirements are intrinsically Agile. The Requirements Management toll is available as either a standalone requirements tool or as part of a holistic ALM Software solution.

Take the time to understand the full functionality that makes codeBeamer ALM tool the most comprehensive available for Requirements Management on the marketplace. Visit the features list, video page and webinar for more detailed information.

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