Building a Case for Requirements Management Investment

July 16, 2014

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Convincing business leaders of the need for investment in a Requirements Management Software or a more comprehensive ALM Software Solution is not an easy task and this is despite the overwhelming evidence of its value. Key to success is to identify the economic benefits of improved requirements management for the business model in question and to lay out the benefits in terms that the executive board will understand across the board, not just for the CIO.

Every business is different and therefore the economic benefits vary from business to business. There is no simple copy and paste formula to work with. There are however many studies that look at the failure of software projects, and we know from these that the failure of requirements management is a key cause. From these examples and through comparison with these to the business model under scrutiny, it is possible to put together a case file to put to decision makers.

Areas for Investment in Requirements Management may include:

  • Implement better requirements management practices to ensure the delivery of products that address customers needs.
  • Develop process that works for your team
  • Train your team to enable them to manage requirements properly
  • Provide teams with resources such as books, articles and the assistance of experienced consultants
  • Buy a requirements management tool to track requirements, manage changes and record requirements traceability information

The Return of Investment of Requirements Management

The main goal of implementing better requirements management is to improve software development and the software maintenance process. There are a few questions that might help you to estimate future benefits. Consider how much “wasted” effort you can eliminate by implementing better requirements management processes.  This is likely to include:

  • Decrease the ratio of requirements with rework
  • Decrease customer-reported defects
  • Detect user-reported defected due to requirements errors
  • Reduce requirement defects to accelerate your delivery time

The Requirements Management module of codeBeamer ALM enables your team to define requirements and reduce the amount of development rework, thus decreasing product development expense and increasing time to market. Take a look at our videos showcasing codeBeamer’s Requirements Management features.

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