Benefits of Requirements Management

May 23, 2014

Benefits-of-Requirements-Management-Intland-Software-336x336 Benefits of Requirements Management requirements A Requirements Management solution is vital to translate and transform business needs into products. Before buying a Requirements Management tool you should analyze your working environment to determine your tool requirements, it is important to note and accept that to make a tool, and maintain it – is far harder and expensive than it is to purchase it. The first important thing to highlight is that Requirement management tools are not requirements development tools. A Requirement management tool can’t help you to define your business goals or develop the “right” requirements (if you need a tool to assist with determining what your requirements should be, then see Demand Management). If you already have clear and high quality requirements, then it might be the right time to purchase “the” Requirements Management tool that implements your needs, transforming them into products.

Requirements Management tool vs. Document-Based Requirements

Many project teams still use long texts with requirements as “Requirements Management“. Regardless of how nicely requirements are organized and stored in a database, the document-based requirements management can cause problems such as the following:

  • Very time-consuming to keep documents and requirements current and synchronized
  • Additional information (attributes) can’t often be integrated into the documentation
  • It difficult, near impossible to track the status of requirements
  • Proposed, rejected or delete requirements often can’t be stored in the documentation
  • Team members working on multiple projects can barely modify requirements safely

What are the Key Benefits of Requirements Management?

A Requirements Management tool is an automated assistance enabling the management of requirements, quickly and safely whilst ensuring the highest quality, – transparently with complete traceability. So, – how does it do this?

A good Requirements Management tool helps you to:

  • Manage history of change, record argument behind changes and define requirements baselines
  • View and define requirements attributes and provide permissions to team members to change attributes
  • Define and track links between requirements to analyze the impacts of future changes
  • Provide team members with access to collaborate on certain projects
  • Enables the re-use of requirements in as many projects as necessary.

The Requirements Management module of codeBeamer ALM software solution enables management to define and elaborate requirements as well as to manage requirements through the development and testing phases. The latest feature, Requirements Re-use feature supports users to copy requirements from one project to another.

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