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December 02, 2014

free_icon-336x336 codeBeamer: Free ALM Software for Your Team PR news UPDATE: Please note that this article is outdated – starting from 10 Jun 2015, the Free 1-Project License is only valid for 90 days.

Application Lifecycle Management solutions help software development teams manage the entire software development lifecycle, from requirements to delivery. However, advanced enterprise ALM platforms tend to be bulky and really expensive, while lightweight and cheaper single-point tools lack the benefits of integration. The solution: codeBeamer, a scalable and fully integrated ALM tool with advanced functionality. Oh and did we mention it was also free?

Most complete ALM solutions with document management and QA & test features are so expensive that they are practically unavailable for smaller companies with limited budgets. These solutions are of vital importance to users in defining and managing requirements, and in ensuring complete traceability by associating tests with requirements and releases. Due to strict standards in some safety-critical industries, ensuring traceability and process quality are increasingly demanded by enterprises outsourcing work to smaller companies. Therefore, small and medium businesses lacking the budget for such ALM solutions are unable to compete with larger companies, or have to resort to using single-point tools.

On the other hand, single-point solutions, while cheaper than robust ALM tools, lack the benefits of integration. They don’t offer a single repository, so they necessitate the use of plugins to connect standalone tools, making it a strenuous task to integrate trackers, wiki, and documents. Add to that the costs of maintaining and upgrading these tools individually, and you’ll understand why single-point solutions aren’t a viable option for most small companies.

To resolve this situation, and to support software development teams in developing software faster and in higher quality by improving processes, we made codeBeamer ALM completely free for one project!

Is codeBeamer ALM really free for everyone?

Yes, new users can now enjoy the benefits of a complete, integrated, end-to-end ALM solution free of charge for their first project, for an entire year, with up to 25 ALM users. In addition to the 25 users with access to codeBeamer’s complete ALM functionality, the Free 1-Project License also comes with unlimited Customer users. Customer users are great for gathering input for user functionality from the end users, and for managing service desk, submitting bugs, change requests, managing SLAs and accessing a common knowledge base platform with documents.

If you want to keep using codeBeamer after the first (free) year of your project, you can simply upgrade to any of our affordable license plans.

What kind of teams is codeBeamer’s free project suitable for?

The Free 1-Project License was created for small and mid-size teams developing medical devices, embedded systems and other safety-critical systems, where full traceability of risks, requirements, source code, releases, bugs and change requests is required. It is also great for large enterprises to test and evaluate the codeBeamer ALM solution prior to large scale deployment.

In contrast to the single-point systems mentioned above, codeBeamer is a complete, enterprise-enabled (scalable) ALM solution with integrated requirements, development, risk management and QA & testing modules. Since it is fully integrated, no time is wasted on the integration of diverse plugins, and consequently, there are no hidden costs.

The codeBeamer ALM solution can be used to work with different software development methodologies – it is an out of the box solution for both Waterfall and Agile processes, as well as Hybrid solutions.

Through our affordable licenses, you won’t have to make do without an integrated ALM solution even after the first free project: several license options ensure that there’s a suitable codeBeamer license plan for all budgets and teams.

Complete, integrated, end-to-end Application Lifecycle Management is no longer the privilege of large enterprises. Start your free project today to take advantage of codeBeamer’s advanced features and get ahead of the competition.

UPDATE: Please note that this article is outdated – starting from 10 Jun 2015, the Free 1-Project License is only valid for 90 days.


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