Software Revolution: Integrated Solutions for Smart Production

December 11, 2013

software-revolution-168x168 Software Revolution: Integrated Solutions for Smart Production alm After steam engine and mechanization, the assembly line of Henry Ford and the revolution of the first computers, the 4th Industry Revolution called “cyber-physical systems” (CPS) is on the corner.

CPS is about merging the physical world with the virtual one and in which embedded hardware and software systems play an important role. Companies that use smart devices working together wirelessly revolutionize industrial production and manufacture more competitive vehicles, aircraft or medical devices. It is no surprise that the „Industry 4.0 Project” has recently become the part of the official High-Tech Strategy of the German Government.

World-leading companies already sought to benefit from more complex software solutions and embedded systems. “Curiosity”, the mobile robot of NASA that investigates the Mars landscape was digitally designed and tested. It already landed on the Mars 8000 times in the virtual world before any prototype was produced. NASA is not the only company that uses today’s software solutions. Designers also develop iPhones using 3D software or even Formula-1 race cars.

Smart devices and software solutions enable managers to

  • Oversee and optimize production remotely through smart devices and software solutions.
  • Adapt to the changes quickly by using compatible modules and solutions.
  • Share ideas and suggestions from anywhere and anytime to create products customers want.
  • Develop high value added services based on customers’ Big Data.

PLM is a well-known software solution and already widely used in lot of industries. However products are more complex today than ever before. They contain microchips, embedded systems and diverse mechanical components. PLM is not designed to manage the demands of ALM and ALM can’t deal with complex mechanical and electrical engineering process. The integration of PLM and ALM enables companies to improve product development life cycle and manufacture products at the end that meet customers’ expectations.

Learn more about the benefits of codeBeamer ALM (Application Lifecycle Management) software.

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